Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Monday, November 26, 2012


-Thirty-eight residents were killed this Monday: Dareyya 9, Muaddamiyat Asham 6 (one of whom is from Demmar), ‘Erbeen 3, Douma 6, Ghazal 2, Zamalka 2, Yabrood 1, Harasta 1, Albahdalieh 1, Alblalieh 1, Deir Al’asafeer 1, Aneshabieh 1, Serghaya 1, Kanakir 1, Bait Jinn 1, Qatana 1.


-Dareyya: Fierce clashes resumed for the 10th day in a row between the FSA and regime forces supported by aerial raids by MiG fighter jets and Sukhoi warplanes as well land support from tanks, rockets and heavy artillery shelling.


Assad forces handed over five victims for burial. The victims were arrested in the neighboring towns where most Dareyya residents sought refuge from the brutal and systematic killing machine of Assad forces.


-Muaddamiyat Asham: Regime forces stationed on roadblocks launched fierce tank shelling and gunfire attacks on residential areas in Muaddamiyat Asham and its vicinity while warplanes flew bombing sorties over the city. At least 20 residents were killed during the shelling attacks, only six of whom could be identified as the rest were out of reach.


-Alghootah Asharqiyeh: Regime forces launched aerial raids on the cities and towns of Alghootah Asharqiyeh and clouds of dust and smoke filled the sky as a result of shelling residential buildings.


-Douma: Fierce mortar shelling targeted Arreyhan town killing Mohammad Khaled Alqaseer.


-Deir Al’asafeer: Mortar shelling resumed against the town and several residents were wounded as a result.


-Al’abadeh: Fierce artillery shelling targeted residential buildings. Several residents were also wounded during the shelling. The town is still suffering from a power blackout.


-Alkisweh: The First Armored Division shelled the cities and towns located south of the capital Damascus with rockets.


-Babila: Shelling attacks targeted residential buildings and businesses. The city is suffering shortages of water, power and all forms of communications; while schools, businesses, clinics, pharmacies and bakeries continue to be closed due the imposed siege by regime forces.


-Qara: Forces stationed south of the city opened heavy anti-aircraft machine gunfire on residential areas in the city’s east side.

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