Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Sunday, November 25, 2012


-Thirty seven residents were killed this Sunday: Darayya 5, Harasta 5 (one victim from Deir Ezzor), Deir Al’asafeer 4, Missraba 3, Harran Al’awameed 2, Deir Salman 2, Aneshabieh 2, ‘Erbeen 2 (one victim from Idlib), Muaddamiyat Asham 2, Dumair 1, Zebdeen 1, Madyara 1, Ajaraba 1, Alqasemieh 1, Hajeeret Albalad 1, Assaida Zainab 1, Azmanieh 1, Hamoria 1, Bab Sereejeh (killed in Khan Asheikh.)


-Deir Al’asafeer: Regime air-forces launched aerial bombardment on a playground killing at least ten children: Shahid Alham, Mohammad Alham, Adnan Fatieh, son of Ahmad Fatieh, Zainab Othman, Eman Alham, ‘Anood Almohammad, Mamdooh Shihab and two children from Deir Salman. Fifteen more children and two women are still in critical condition.


-Azmanieh and Alqasmieh: Assad forces launched mortar and artillery shelling setting several properties on fire. The town lacks power.


-Darayya: Assad forces intensified artillery and mortar shelling attack on residential areas. Three residents were killed including Mohammad Aljoz and Fadi Kassah who was fatally shot by regime sniper. It is also being reported that twelve victims from Darayya are still in Almowassah Hospital in Damascus. The victims were arrested few days ago by regime forces stationed on roadblocks in Darayya’s outskirts. Darayya residents called of the intervention on the Red Crescent and Red Cross agencies to rescue the wounded. The city is announced a disaster area, lacks water, power, food, the most needed medical supplies and all forms of communication. More than 30 thousand residents have been under siege for seventeen days in a row and at least one 100 resident were killed during the ongoing military offensive launched by Assad regime against the city.


-Muaddamiyat Asham: Regime forces resumed fierce artillery and rocket shelling on residential areas killing Moahammad Ahmad Alhawari and Mohammad Al’abar and wounding dozens of residents.


-Alghootah Asharqieh: The cities of Douma, Harasta, ‘Erbeen, Zamalka, Missraba, Madyara and recently (nine days ago) the rest of the cities and towns of Algootah Asharqieh lack water, power and all forms of communication for thirty eight days in a row.


-Zamalka: Rocket shelling targeted residential areas during the morning hours.


-Hajeeret Albalad: Mohammad Shalhan, 11 year old, was killed with shrapnel. Rocket, mortar and artillery shelling resumed on Assaida Zainab, Atheiabieh, Hajeeret Albalad, Alboida while most residential areas lack water, power, all forms of communication.


-Hamoria: Regime forces launched shelling attacks on residential areas killing Abdullah Haroon.


-Harran Al’awameed: khaled Mohammad Khalef and Mahmood Abdul Fatah were killed during Marj Assultan Airport’s battles.


-Qatana: Pro Assad militias stationed on Khan Asheihk-Assalam Hospital roadblock arrested and extra judicially executed Haytham Diab, also known as Abou Mohammad, and four friends after returning form work, Haytham Diab is from Bab Sreejeh and has three children.


-Saqba: Regime forces targeted the city with artillery shelling killing three residents.


-Missraba: The city has been without water for thirty days in a row and suffers severe shortage in fuels.


-Babila:  Regime forces have been besieging the city for 20 days in a row. Shelling resumed on residential buildings and businesses and residents lack water and power.

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