Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Monday, November 19, 2012

Twenty eight residents ( including three women) were killed this Monday: Darayya 7 (one of whom is from Hamah), Douma 4, Jisreen 3, Saidnaya 1, Alboida 1, Noleh 1, Jarajeer 1, Yabrood 1, Assaida Zainab 1, Kanakir 1, Bala 1, Hajeera 1, Yelda 1, Muaddamiyat Asham 1, Bait Sahim 1, Ajolan 2 (killed in Albuwaida).


Darayya: Regime forces resumed artillery and rocket shelling on residential areas during the morning hours, killing six residents. At least 170 rockets rained on the city, setting homes on fire and causing colossal damage to residential buildings ( including Uthman Bin Afaan Mosque) and infrastructure. The city has been besieged for eleven continuous days and lacks water, power and food, including bread.


Alghoota Asharqieh: Regime forces continued to target most cities and towns in Alghootah Asharqieh with aerial bombardment and shelling attacks for the third day in a row. The aerial raids were somewhat hindered by dense fog this Monday; however, regime forces stationed in Hafeer shelled Albalalieh, Hezerma, Deir Salman, Noleh and Bala, killing Mohannad Jamal Ghara (child) and Mohammad Qassim. The cities of Douma, Harasta., ‘Erbeen and Zamalka have been without water, power, fuel and all forms of communication for an entire month. Residents in ‘Erbeen demonstrated in support of Palestinians in Gaza despite the aerial bombardment and shelling attacks.


Albuwaida: Regime forces continued to shell the city for the sixth day in a row, killing Fawaz ‘Azaam Anna’imi and Mohammad Athaher Nanaimo (journalist).


Assayida Zainab: Regime forces launched fierce artillery shelling on residential areas and the city’s power and all forms of communication are disconnected.


Babila, Yelda, Hajeera, Bait Sahim and the southern area of the capital in general: Regime forces shelled residential areas, killing Mustapha Asheikh in Hajeera. Most towns have been without water and power for at least fourteen days. All businesses, including pharmacies and clinics, were closed due to continual shelling attacks. Most residents have evacuated their hometowns in search of safe refugee.


Douma: Regime forces launched rocket shelling on Almassaken district. Thanaa Alhalbooni and Ebtisam Alhalbooni were killed with a mortar shell in Ashaifoonieh. Nu’man ‘Areesh, also known as Abou Bassam, was killed during shelling on Nazlet Azeft.


Rankooss: Fierce artillery and rocket shelling on Rankoos farms triggered massive explosions.


Regime forces shelled Almalaiha farms, Hateetet Ajarash and several areas in Alghootah Asharqieh (mainly Saqba and Jisreen).

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