Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Forty four civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs including eight children and seven women:

Harasta 13, Jaramana 9, five victims in both Albahdaliah and Douma, two victims in both Yaldah and Adrah, a victim in each of Harran Alawameed, Jesreen, Alotaibah, Babilah, Alruhaibah, Attal, Sqba, and Hzzah.

Harasta: More than seven shells fell  on the western area  of the highway killing more than four children and five women and wounding several civilians most of them were children and women.

Jaramana: Assad forces  shelled Albasel street with mortars killing nine civilians and wounding dozens.

Warplanes shelled  Alghouta Asharqia fiercely with rockets and vacuum bombs. The cities and towns of Saqba, Jesreen , Albilaliah, and Alotaibah were being particularly targeted in the shelling attacks.

Saqba: Warplanes shelled residential areas wounding several civilians most of them were children and women.

Jesreen: Warplanes shelled residential areas  causing massive devastation, killing a child Bashar Ghassan Eskander, 3 –year old, and wounding several civilians.

Alotaibah: MiG jets fighter bombarded residential areas killing the girl Hala Sha’ban and wounding several civilians some of them were in critical condition.

Albharia: The child Odai Haroun from Douma die when warplanes dropped  toxic gases on residential areas.

Assad forces shelled the most cities and town of Algout Asharqia with mortars and launcher rockets especially Zamalka and Erbeen amid power cut.

Hajjerah Albalad: Assad forces shelled Asaidah Zainab, Hajjerah Albaladm and Bait Sahem fiercely.

Albowidah: Assad forces shelled the town targeting Alkhair Mosque.

Yalda: Several shells fell on the town, at a rat of two shells per a minute .

Babilah: Assad forces have shelled the town for the twelfth day in raw with mortars and artillery amid power and communications cut, and lack in  medical supplies and food.

Assad forces have bombarded Alblalia and Deir Salman with mortar and artillery. The state of panic prevailed among civilians.

Azzabadani: The city was subject to fierce shelling with tanks and artillery while Assad forces carried out raid and arrest campaigns.

Assad forces shelled the area between Mu’adamyat Asham and Daryyah with launcher rockets. Further, residents in Daryyah displaced  their while Assad force continue destroying their homes.

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