Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Friday, November 16, 2012


Twenty nine civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Friday including:

Daryyah 8, Douma 5, Harasta 3, two victims in both Hamoryyah and Erbeen, and a victim in each of Saqba. Mu’adamyyat Asham, Albilalyah, Spainah, Annashabiah, Zamalka, Albwaidah, and Dumair.


Warplanes launched more than ten air raids firing rockets and vacuum bombs on Algoutah Asharqia . The cities and towns of Saqba, Kafar Batna, Jesreen, Erbeen, Zamalka, Ashaifoniah, Marj Asoultan, Deir Alasafeer, Alqalamoun, Rankous Farms, and Hosh Arab were particularly targeted in the fierce shelling attacks.


Daryyah: Assad forces shelling have been renewed on residential areas killing eight civilians including Khadijah Nassar, Jehad Ahmad Shamashan, Emad Ahmad Shamashan , Adnan Jameel Kamoun, Amer Abdul Razzaq Asharbaji and Faiz Twaim, and wounding others. This fierce shelling caused massive devastation in several buidings, as a result, resident fled from their homes.


Saqba: Warplanes launched four air raids on residential areas killing Abdul Salam and Mohammad Sa’eed. The grave in the city was particularly targeted in fierce shelling attacks. Further, a mosque was shelled with mortars.


Kafar Batna: MiG jets fighters launched two air raids on residential areas wounding dozens civilians.



Douma: Three civilians have been killed and others injured when Assad warplanes dropped TNT barrels on  Ashayfonyah. Several shells fell on  Alquatli and Alkournaish areas, Furthers, Assad forces shelled the city with mortars.



Annashabiah: Fierce and indiscriminate artillery shelling killing Loman Adham Ghannom and wounding other civilians.


Marj Asoultan:  Assad forces shelled residential areas with MiG jets fighters and Sokhoi  causing massive devastation in some buildings.


Erbeen and Zamalka: Assad forces shelled Erbeen center with MiG jets fighter and launcher rockets. Further, free Syrian people in the city took to the street to demonstrate against Assad regime amid power and communications cut.


Harasta: The casualties Haytham Marwan Annemer, Hani Marwan Annemer, and Muhannad Marwan Annemer were extra judicially executed by Assad forces in Alhada’ek area. Further, fierce artillery shelling by Assad forces with mortars and launcher rockets on residential areas.



Rankous Farms: Warplanes launched three air raids on Rankous and Hosh Arab Farms  wounding some civilians.


Hamoryyah: Assad forces shelled residential areas with artillery and launcher rockets killing the child Mahmoud Alhaik and wounding several civilians.


Azzabadani: Assad forces shelled residential areas fiercely wounding at least five civilians including a girl, and causing massive devastation in homes and streets.


Mu’adamyat Asham: Assad forces shelled the city fiercely with artillery and rockets, at a rat of ten shells per minutes. A child -15years old was extra judicially executed by Assad forces. His body was found near the Air Force Intelligence Branch.


Albowaidah: Fierce shelling on residential areas with mortar and artillery.


Hajerah Albalad: Assad forces shelled the village.


Asaidah Zainab: Assad forces shelled Ali Alwahish Square fiercely with mortar amid power cut.


Yabroud: Several shells fell on Alqa’ah and Asalhia neighborhoods causing damage.


Babilah: Assad forces have shelled the town for the eleventh day in a row with mortar, artillery, and tanks. Because of the bad situation and power cut, residents flee their homes.


Demonstrations mobilized in Douma, Erbeen, Harasta, Jdaidet Alfadel, Yabroud, Qarah, Almulaiha, Daryyah, Yalda, Asaidah Zainab, and Alkesweh.


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