Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Seventy residents were killed this Tuesday: Otaya 21, Darayya 9, Albalalieh 3, Deir Salman 10, Douma 8, Hamoria 3, Sbaineh 2, Madyara 2, Jisreen 2, Kafr Batna 2, Saqba 2, and one victim in each of the following; Yelda, Alqasemieh, Harran Al’awameed, Hezerma and Afra.


Regime forces launched fierce aerial raids on Alghootah Asharqieh for the twenty seventh day in a row using rockets and air fuel bombs. Today’s bombardment targeted Douma, Deir Salman, Ashaifoonieh, Zamalka, Otaya, ‘Erbeen. Darayya and Muaddamiyat Asham (all located in Alghootah Algharbieh), as well as the farms near Kafr Soosseh.


Otaya: More than 22 civilians were killed and at least 50 were wounded during bombardment with MiG fighter jets on this town housing refugees from Douma and ‘Erbeen. An entire family of seven was among the victims (Khaled Slaik, his wife and their five children). Regime air forces also targeted the only bread factory in town. Sixteen victims were identified and the remaining six are believed to be the factory workers. Residents continue recovery efforts to extract victims trapped under the rubble.


Deir Salman and Albalalieh: Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with rockets and explosive barrels, killing 11 residents and wounding at least 30. The confirmed victims are: Jamal Antaki and his three daughters (from Deir Salman); Allam Slaik, his wife, his brother and his two children (Mohammad and Shaker); the son of Rabee’ Slaik, the wife of Bassem Slaik; Wasfieh Warde (Albalalieh); and an unidentified victim (Palestinian refugee from Albalalieh). Residents continue recovery efforts to extract victims trapped under the rubble.


Darayya: The Fourth Division launched artillery shelling during the night, killing an entire family of seven (the family of Abu Kassem Addahoos). MiG fighter jets hovered over Darayya and Muaddamiyat Asham and bombarded residential areas in Darayya, killing two civilians. Regime forces flew military helicopters and opened heavy machine gunfire on homes in Alghootah Algharbieh.


Wadi Barada: A car bomb exploded in Ain Alfeejeh Square targeting businesses, homes, the telephone company and the post office. The explosion wounded dozens of residents and caused colossal damage to buildings.


Hamoria: Mohannad Alhayek was killed and several other residents wounded during mortar shelling.


Zamalka: Assad forces launched an aerial raid, wounding civilians and causing colossal damage to buildings. Assad forces continue to launch intermittent shelling on residential areas.


‘Erbeen: Assad forces stationed at the Department of Motor Vehicles launched indiscriminate rocket shelling on the city.


Bait Sahim: Assad forces resumed fierce and systematic shelling for the fourteenth day in a row while warplanes and helicopters hovered over residential areas. Several consecutive explosions rocked the city.


Athiyabiya: Mortar shelling on residential areas.


Misraba: Mortar shells rained on the town near the stadium and Nadir Abdurraheem Elementary School.


Albuwaida: Mortar shelling during the evening.

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