Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Saturday, November 10, 2012


42 civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs including: Fourteen victims in Daryyah, seven in Douma, five in Harasta, Four in Babilah, three in Kafer Batna, two in both Erbeen and Mu’adamayyat Asham, one in each of Hamoryya, Saqba, Hazzah, and Yabrood.

Daryyah: Fourteen civilians were killed in the city. Ten of the victims were extra judicially  executed by Assad forces, while others  were burnt . Further, several civilians were injured some of them were in critical condition.

Babilah: Assad forces shelled the neighborhoods fiercely. Further, two shells fell near Alehsan Mosque in Annzehen Camp . Two  civilians were killed and others injured while gunfire took place throughout the city.

Bait Sahem: Three civilians were killed including two children, Yaser and Yamen Alaiyobi, and dozens injured. Assad forces continue to shell the city for the eleventh day in row amid power cut. Further, several shells fell on residential buildings.

Aqraba: Assad forces shelled residential areas killing two civilians and wounding others, some of them were in critical condition.

Hajjerah Albalad: Fierce shelling on residential areas wounding four civilians.

Douma: Seven civilians were killed including children.  Further, three civilians from  Sraiwel family were extra judicially executed  by Assad forces, stationed at Adraa checkpoint, because they were from Doum city.

Misraba: Assad forces shelled the village with launcher rockets while residents fled their homes amid power, water, and communications cut.

Madyarah: Assad forces shelled the village with launcher rockets wounding some civilians.

Harasta: Five civilians were extra judicially executed with Knives by Assad forces  while they were in their homes in Jesreen.

Muadamyyat Asham: Assad forces shelled the city with heavy artillery. More than 30 shells fell on residential areas thus far.

Hosh Alfarah: Assad forces, stationed at Hafeer checkpoint, shelled the village wounding several civilians.

Kafar Batna: A warplane launched air raid on Alfateh Hospital killing two civilians, Ammar Mun’em and Omar Almu’azen.

Yabroud: Fierce artillery shelling on Yabroud, as a result,  a state of panic prevailed among civilians.

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