Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Thirty one victims were killed this Thursday:

Kafr Batna 12, Erbeen 6 (two of them from Jobar), Attal 2, Muaddamiyat Asham 2, Darayya 2, Dumair 2, Saqba 1, Zakieh 1, Alqassimieh 1, Azzabadani 1, Idlib 1(killed in Harran Alawameed.)


Regime air-forces launched fierce aerial raids on Alghootah Asharqieh for twenty four days in a row and dropped fuel air bombs and rockets on Kafr Batna, Alftraiss, Douma, Hazzeh and Saqba farms.


Kafr Batna: Assad forces launched two aerial raids on Attahoon neighborhood killing 12 residents and wounding at least 50, mostly children. Residents extracted unidentified child (one and half year old), Fatima Zaino (child) and four victims, all from Albass family. The recovery efforts continue as three more families are still trapped under the rubble.


Saqba: Warplanes and helicopters fiercely bombarded Alftraiss and Saqba farms killing Bassel Akhateeb and wounding at least ten civilians.


Alghoota Asharqieh: Fierce rocket, artillery and mortar shelling targeted the cities and towns of Alghootah Asharqieh from last evening until today’s noon. Shelling resumed during the evening on Saqba, Jisreen and Aleftraiss. At least, ten residents were wounded. The humanitarian condition is deteriorating as more than one million residents lack water, power and all forms of communication for seven days in a row.


Erbeen: Assad forces supported by tanks attempted to invade the city from different directions (Harasta and Ghobair Mosque’s side) after twenty days of continuous shelling and aerial bombardment. Several homes on Harasta road were burned during shelling. Residents found six decomposing bodies. Two were identified as Saleem Alkharqi and Mohmood Qassem, also known as Aboo Redda Bakri; both victims are from jobar. Residents were unable to identify the other four victims as they were run over by regime’s tanks.


Douma: Assad forces aerially bombarded residential buildings ad businesses. The city’s neighborhoods are destroyed and deserted.


Fierce shelling targeted the southern side of the suburban area including Alboida, Assayda Zainab, Babila and Bait Sahim.


Darayaa: Assad forces invaded the eastern quarter in the city and launched fierce artillery shelling during the morning hours. Intense gunfire resumed during the evening followed by several explosions.


Yabrood: The 18th brigade targeted the city with artillery shelling. Several shells fell on Assalhieh neighborhood.


Hosh Arab: Massive explosions were heard in the eastern side of the city during the evening hours.


Zakieh: Assad forces launched assault raids on Hosh Alasharafieh. Fouad T’emeh (fourteen years old) was fatally shot by sniper while he was in the company of his father in Darayya.


Alkessweh: Assad forces maintained heavy presence in Alhurieh Square, destroyed businesses and launched assault attacks on Assekeh district.


Demonstrations mobilized in Almaiha.

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