Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


-Thirty three victims were killed this Tuesday:

Kafr Batna 13, Douma 3, Babila 3, Harasta 2, Yelda 2, Muaddamiyat Asham 2, and one victim in each of the following: Missraba, Deir Salman, Azzabadani, Arrehan, Asahel, Wadi Barada, Annabek, Khiara Dnoon (killed in Kafr Batna.)


Assad forces launched aerial raids with SU-35 warplanes on the cities and towns of Alghootah Asharqieh for 22 days in a row, bombarding Douma, Kafer Batana, Hamoria, Erbeen, Zamlka and Otaya.


Kafr Batna: Military forces bombarded residential areas with MiG fighter Jets killing at least forteen residents, including women and children.  Residents were unable to identify most of the victims due to the severity of their injuries.  In addition, at least fifty citizens were wounded and residents continue the recovery efforts in search for more victims under the rubble.  The identified victims are Rawda Arrahal, Hala Abdul Azziz (child), and Ahmad Abdul Azziz (child).


Douma: Air forces launched rocket shelling attacks and three aerial raid with MiG fighter jets killing three residents and wounding others.   Several neighborhoods were completely destroyed during the attack.


Harasta:  Assad forces launched two aerial raids on Alta’leh and Bastara districts destroying several buildings and setting homes on fire.


Alghootah Asharqieh: Humanitarian condition is deteriorating as more than one million residents suffer water and power outage for five days in a row.


Saqba: Military helicopters opened fire on Ajam’ieh Square terrorizing residents.  A vehicle with all passengers on board was hit during the attack.


Ain Tarma:  Mass destruction due to indiscriminate aerial bombardment and rocket, mortar and artillery shelling.


Missraba: Military forces launched indiscriminate mortar and artillery shelling wounding and forcing residents to evacuate their homes.  Residents were finial able to extract Khaldoon Anees, also known as Abou Sayiah, from underneath the rubble.  He was killed three days ago during the aerial bombardment on residential areas with MIG fighter jets.


Yelda:  MiG fighter Jets targeted Rasheed farm with cluster bombs.


Assaida Zainab:  Assad forces aerially bombarded residential areas with military helicopters and set car bomb to explode near ‘Awaiss Alqarni in Ali Alwahsh neighborhood causing colossal damage to buildings.


Alqalamoon:  Shelling on Hosh Arab, Rankoos, ‘Assal Alward and Yabrood during the evening hours.


Muaddamiyat Asham:  Assad forces stationed at Almazzeh Military Airport launched shelling attacks on residential areas.  Car bomb explosion rocked the main street coupled with intense gunfire across the city.  Several resident were critically wounded as a result.


Yabrood:  Pro Assad militias kidnapped a shuttle with all driver and 15 students on board.  The passengers were heading to Yabrood from Homs.


Sbaineh:  Shelling attacks during the evening hours.


Babila:  Massive explosions were heard coupled with intense gunfire across the town during the evening.  Assad forces stationed near the military gas station arrested nine residents from Al’atrash, Alotani and Ajadb families.


Qatana:  Several soldier defected from the military forces stationed in the city and Assad militias and forces invaded Alghalaini district in search for the defected soldiers.

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