Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, November 3, 2012


-Forty one citizens were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Saturday: Zamlka 14, Douma 8, Hazeh 5, Muaddamiyat Asham 5, Harasta 4 and one in each of the following: Erbeen, Jdaidet Artooz, Sbaineh and Kanakir.


– Regime forces bombarded the cities of Alghootah Asharqieh with Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft and MiG fighter jets. They mainly targeted Zamlka, Douma, Erbeen, Ain Tarma, Hazeh and Harasta. More than one million residents in Alghootah Asharqieh had their water and electricity disconnected for two days in a row. The humanitarian condition is deteriorating as many families who fled moved to nearby farms in search for refuge. Many of them live without water due to lack of power. The 75th Brigade launched shelling southwest of Wa’ret Almqalbieh and Zakieh. More than 7,000 shells were counted.


-Zamlka: Assad forces targeted Alkhateeb and Abo Samra families, from Zamlka in MiG fighter jet bombardment. The families were heading to Hazeh in search for peace and safety. All of the family members were killed, most of them children under 10 years old.


-Douma: Assad forces launched aerial bombardment and rocket shelling attacks on City Hall square, Alquwatly, Khorsheed, Almassaken and Alhmaira districts, killing seven residents. Ali’ab and Alhajarieh neighborhoods, Alhal and the commercial markets and hundreds of homes were leveled to ground during bombardment.


-Erbeen: Ahmad Ibraheem Sholah was killed and several residential buildings collapsed during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on residential areas. Five aerial raids per half hour were reported.


-Harasta: Assad forces launched fierce artillery shelling on Albastra and Jesreen districts and the ‘Aa’esha and Alhassan mosques. Residents recovered the body of Ali Mohammad Deeb after eight days of continual shelling on the city.


-Ain Tarma: Three aerial raids were launched on the city.


-Rankooss: Forces stationed at Seena roadblock launched shelling attacks on Seena farms. Ten shells were reported.


-Madyara: Mortar shells rained down on the town’s outskirts.


-Muaddamiyat Asham: A car bomb exploded, wounding several farmers. Assad forces launched systematic shelling attacks on residential areas wounding several residents and killing Sameera Ali Asheik. Residents found two victims who were extra judicially executed and mutilated by Assad militias stationed at roadblocks on the city’s outskirts.


-Atheiabieh: Assad forces launched rocket shelling, destroying a home and several businesses and causing extensive damage to properties in the vicinity.

Artillery shelling resumed on Hajjeiret Albalad and neighborhoods in Assaida Zainab.


-Saqba: Residents were forced to bury Mehi Edeen Sheik Othman in a hurry due to continual rocket and mortar shelling on the city.


-Hosh Arab: Artillery shelling by Assad forces on residential areas.


-Qatana: Regime forces stationed at Almassaken and the cemetery roadblocks launched shelling and gunfire attacks on residential areas. Pro Assad militias assaulted residents and burned homes.


-Bait Sahem: Assad forces continued to shell homes for the fourth day in a row; two shells fell on homes near Ajamal Square.


-Jdaidet Artooz: Residents found a victim near Assaida Khadeeja Mosque. No one could approach the body due to the presence of Assad militias in the area.


-Assaida Zainab: The Palestinian refugee camp and several neighborhoods in Assaiden Zainab, Hajjireh, Atheiabieh and Alhajar Alasswad were targeted in fierce shelling.


-Yabrood: The 18th Brigade launched artillery shelling on Alqa’a neighborhood near the new Cultural Center and Al’areed district, causing extensive damage to buildings.


-Yelda: Pro Assad militias shelled civilian homes, killing two residents and wounding many others.

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