Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Friday, October 12, 2012


Thirteen casualties were reported in Damascus Suburbs this Friday:


Muaddamiyat Asham 3, Douma 2, Bait Nayem 2, Jisreen 1, Harasta 1, Yelda 1, Kafr Batana 1, Otaya 1, Ashagoor 1 ( killed in Qudsiya.)


Douma:  Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets and mortar shelling attacks on several different neighborhoods.  Regime snipers opened intense gunfire in residential areas.  Ghassan Ahmad Arreehani was killed during shelling on Alhajjarieh neighborhood while Al’eb district was hit with sixteen rockets.


Yelda:  An unidentified victim was found near Asharq Center for Telecommunications.


Jisreen:  Regime forces launched aerial bombardment as well as rocket and mortar shelling attacks on residential areas.  Families fled their homes in search of safe refuge while pro-Assad militias extra judicially executed and mutilated Basheer Alhomsi, an elderly resident.


Alghootah Asharqiyeh:  Assad’s forces launched gunfire attacks and bombarded Alghootah farms with MiG fighter jets in an attempt to invade its cities and towns, triggering several explosions; however, the FSA managed to keep them at bay.


Saqba:  Several residents were wounded during mortar shelling attacks launched by Assad military on residential areas.


Aleftrais:  A TNT barrel fell on the Secondary Industrial School causing extensive damage to the building and its vicinity.


Hamoriya:  Mortar shells rained down on homes wounding several residents.


Rankoos:  Regime tanks stationed on checkpoints in Rankoos’ outskirts launched shelling attacks on homes in its plains, Wadi Annasil, and Teftaya.


Harasta:  Assad forces launched two shells on a residential area in an attempt to target peaceful demonstration; several residents were wounded as a result.


Zamalka:  Several residents were wounded by regime mortar shelling on Zamalka’s outskirts.


Quara:  Residents found three unidentified victims in Quara mountains last Wednesday October 10, 2012 and regime forces are preventing the residents from burying the victims.  It was reported that those victims were defected soldiers who were extra judicially executed by a lieutenant colonel working in the regime’s Fourth Division.


Muaddamiyat Asham:  Mohammad Mahmoud Ali Addej was tortured to death while in the custody of Assad forces after being arrested a day ago.


Qudsiya:  Ma’en Al’attar (24 year old from Ashagoor-Damascus) was fatally shot by a sniper near his home.


Several demonstrations mobilized across the suburban area in protest of the regime’s massacres: Demonstrations took place in Saqba,  Kanakir, Hamoriya, ‘Erbeen, Almaiha, Quara, Darayya, Yelda,  Jisreen, Hazzeh, ‘Assal Alward, Hosh ‘Arab, Deir Muqren, Demar Albalad, Muaddamiyat Asham, Harasta ( three demonstrations), and Douma (three demonstrations.)

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