Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fifty five victims were killed in Damascus suburbs:

Qatana 25, Maraba 4 (killed in Rankoos), Douma 5, Adraa 2, Al’taibeh 2, Attal 2, Yelda 2, Bala 2, Talfeeta 2, Saqba 1, Jessreen 1, Harasta 1, Zebdeen 1,

Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham 1, Mazzeh 1 (killed in Zamalka), Idlib 1 (killed in Douma), Hamah 1 (killed in Almlaiha), Ajolan 1 (killed in Assaydeh Zainab.)


Qatana: Residents found twenty five extra judicially executed victims in the waste facility located on Zakhleh road. Victims were handcuffed and burned. Three similar incidents were reported previously in the same facility.


Talfeeta: Regime forces launched a brutal attack on Talfeeta, killing two residents ( including Obaida Mohammad Khair) and wounding ten others, two of whom are in critical condition. It is also reported pro-Assad militias extra judicially executed seven workers from Jerd Telfeeta who were harvesting apples in the farms and arrested two more residents before they withdrew from the town. The forces also burned seven homes, destroyed two others completely and shelled and looted the cemetery.


Rankoos: Regime forces arrested eight civilians at a checkpoint, confiscating all belongings, handcuffed them then opened fire on them, killing six of the eight. Victims are Ismaeel Erabi, Ra’ed Bakeer, Abou Mazen Abdul Kareem (also known Abou Toma) and Kamal Shehada, Ibraheem Nazeer Whbee (from Douma) and Shadi Da’bool (from Attal)


Jessreen: Regime forces dropped four powerful rockets on homes in Jessreen killing Noor Diabi (seven year old), wounding dozens of others (many are in critical condition) and leveled several homes to the ground.


Douma: Regime forces launched systematic shelling attacks on residential areas while MiG jets hovered over the city and bombarded farms.

Among the victims are Mahamood Adej (child), three unidentified people whose bodies are still on the street near a school in Tal Kerdi since last night, and Akram Suliman, handicapped, were killed in Anneshabieh.


Alghootah Asharquieh:

Regime forces resumed mortar shelling attacks on residential areas in Saqba, Jessreen, and Hamoria, wounding several residents in Kafr Batana. MiG jets hovered over the farms.


Hamoria: Military forces shelled homes, wounding several residents, (including a woman who was injured by shrapnel in the head) and terrorizing residents.


Al’taibeh: Regime forces stationed on Almlaiha checkpoint fatally shot Mohammad Jum’ah Darweesh and Mohammad Malak while they were heading to work.


Hezzerma: Military forces launched shelling attacks on farms, wounding a resident.


Ain Tarma: Snipers targeted civilians and vehicles on the streets and opened fire on homes.


Alhameh: Pro-Assad militias attacked the city’s cemetery and Aliman mosque.


Zebdeen: Regime forces invaded Zebdeen and maintained heavy presence in the main square.


Otaya: Regime air forces targeted the only bread factory in town, the entire building was burned as a result.


Qudssayia: Regime forces launched assault attacks on homes, including the burned ones, in several different neighborhoods and arbitrarily arrested several residents.


Aleftraiss: Military forces targeted a school during fierce shelling attacks, destroying the entire building.


Azzabadani: Several residents were wounded, some critically, during fierce systematic shelling on homes in the city.


Artooz: Assad forces launched artillery shelling on residential buildings in Addahra neighborhood.


Tal Farzatt: Assad forces dug a road to the airport and a sniper fatally shot a woman (Zerrieh Adnan Sheikh Alhara, 52 years old) in the head with several bullets.


Saqba: Abdullah Addequee was fatally shot by Assad militias.


Babila: Mohammad Mustapha Alhalabee died of his wounds after being shot by Assad militias stationed on Sidi Mequdad checkpoint.


Harasta: Mohammad Omar Alhalboony, defected soldier, was killed during clashes between the FSA and regime forces. A mortar shell fell on Ashafee mosque and little girl was wounded as a result.


Almaiha: Pro-Assad militias fatally shot Zaki Alhomsi (from Hamah City) without mercy while he was in the company of his son.


Zebdreen: The body Nasser Deeb Adbaik was found on the town’s farms. He was extra judicially executed by Assad militias.


Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta.



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