Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Seventy three residents were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Tuesday: Dareyyah 25, Deir Al’assafeer 15, Douma 6, Almuquailbieh 5, Jdaidet Artooz 3, Al’abadeh 2, Almlaiha 2, Homs 1 ( killed in Alghootah) and one victim in each of the following Alqutaifeh, Harasta, Hatitet Atturkman, Aqraba, Bzaineh, Quara, Kafr Batna, Babila, Dumair, Saqba, Hazzeh, Haroosh and Azzabadani.


Deir Alassafeer and Bzaineh:

Regime forces extra judicially executed more than twenty residents in Deir Al’assafeer including women and children; most of whom were stabbed with knives. Residents found also eight victims from Jaqumerra family (also known as Assalhani); the victims were burned in their homes. Additionally, the bodies of two more women were found and residents continue to search for more victims. Regime forces resumed the aerial bombardment with rocket and TNT barrels, arrested dozens of civilians, opened intense gunfire on homes and set homes, businesses and vehicles on fire. It is also being reported the regime forces extra judicially executed more residents, used arrested children as human shields for protection and requested additional military reinforcements. Regime forces launched assault and detention raids in Bzaineh and killed Musbah Hoshan.


Dareyyah: Residents found twenty five unidentified burned victims in area located between Alqadam and Dareyyah.


Almuquailbieh: Residents found five unidentified victims in the outskirts after the withdrawal of the regime forces. One of the victims was rolled over by a tank. Several explosions rocked the town and regime forces launched intense gunfire attacks.


Douma: Eight residents were killed in Douma including Majjedah Johar who was killed during mortar shelling attacks. Regime forces launched fierce mortar shelling on Alhajjarieh and Abdul Ra’oof neighborhoods as well as Almujahedeen Square killing and wounding several residents. Snipers and forces stationed on checkpoints targeted civilians on the streets and imposed a mandatory curfew on the city. Several explosions were also heard.


Jessreen, Saqba and kafr Batana:

Regime forces resumed mortar and artillery shelling attacks on residential areas in Jessereen, Saqba as well as the towns of Alghootah Asharquieh (in the evening ) wounding civilians and causing extensive damage to home. Neddal Barakat was extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’s forces.


Marj Assultan: Regime forces bombarded residential areas in Marj Assultan with MiG fighter jets wounding dozens of residents, at least ten of whom are in critical condition.


Hezzerma: Aerial Bombardment with MiG jet on Hezzerma.


Assayda Zainab: Fierce shelling on residential areas wounding several residents.


Artooz: The 100th Regiment launched fierce shelling attacks on residential areas in Jdaidet Artooz killing three residents ( Mohammad Fayad Obaid, Eyad Zandaquani, and Sawsan Dairoon.) wounding many others and destroying homes as a result. Several shells fell near Amro Mosque and clouds of smoke filled the area.


Misraba: Fierce shelling with mortar shells at a rate of a shell per minute and dozens of residents were wounded.


Alhameh: Regime forces set homes and trees on fire.


Hosh Arab: Regime forces continue the ongoing shelling attacks on homes in Hosh Arab for third month in a row.


Alqutaifa: Al-assad’s forces targeted a shuttle (carrying at least ten passengers ) in shelling attack killing Jihan Mer’ee. The fate on remaining passengers is still unknown.


Azzabadani: Military forces continued to shell residential areas for more than 100 days in a row, eight residents were wounded during gunfire attacks, two of whom are in critical condition. Al-Assad’s regime continue to deprive the city from the most essential needs such as medical supplies and power.


Quara: Pro-Assad militias kidnapped Abdul Alyi Alestah at 6:30 am on Wadi Eshaik road in Jabal Quara, killed him and burned his body.


Aqraba: Regime forces extra judicially executed khaled shamameh after kidnapping him last night.


Babila: Residents found unidentified and mutilated victim near Saif mosque.

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