Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Monday, October 08, 2012


Twenty six victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Monday.


Deir Alasafeer 7, Zebdeen 5, Almlaiha 3, Aqraba 1, Alkessweh 1, Douma 1, Harasta 1, Missraba 1, Almaidan 1 (was killed in Almlaiha), Dar’aa 2 ( were killed in Alghootah and Annabek), Alqaboon 1 ( was killed in Erbeen) and Homs 2 ( were killed in Annabek and Missraba.)


Azzabadani: Regime forces continued their fierce and ongoing shelling attacks on residential areas for 100th day.


Algootah Asharquieh: Residents have had water, power and cellular service disconnected for three days in a row in Douma, Misraba, Madyara, Ashaifoonieh, Hamoria, Saqba, Kafr Batna, Jessreen, and the surrounding areas. There is growing fear that thousands of residents suffer from a humanitarian crisis due to the continued artillery and mortar shelling attacks.


Artooz: The 100th Artillery Regiment launched two shells on the fields of Artooz.


Artooz, Addahra Neighborhood: Regime forces stationed on checkpoints launched 12 shells on the neighborhood as well as intense gunfire attacks with medium and heavy caliber machine guns. Fires ignited during shelling could be seen from high buildings. Al-Assad militias maintained a heavy presence around the courthouse.


Harasta: Regime forces launched intense gunfire attacks at several different districts. Mortar shells rained down west of the freeway and residents lost power.


Zebdeen: MiG fighter jets hovered over Zebdeen. Al-Assad forces with tanks and armored vehicles besieged and invaded the town from different directions, destroyed a home and leveled it to the ground, killing the entire family inside. Residents were able to extract the body of a woman while all remaining victims (three children and two more women) are still trapped under the rubble.


Hosh Arab: Twelve shells rained down on the town.

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