Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sixty one residents were killed in Damascus Suburbs:

Qudssayia 19, Douma 17, Azzabadani 4, Serghaya 4, Almlaiha 4, Babila 2, kafr Batna 2, Hamoria 2 and one victim in each of the following towns and cities: Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham, Hajjera Albalad, Almquailbieh, Erbeen, Annasserieh and Madaya.


Regime forces resumed their military campaign on Douma, Alqhootah Asharquieh, Azzabadani, Qudssayia and Alhameh.


Alghootah Asharquieh:  Regime force resumed artillery and mortar shelling attacks on Hamoria, Saqba, and surrounding villages.


Qudssayia:  Nineteen residents were killed, five of whom were extra judicially executed (three from Serieh family).  Dozens of civilians were also wounded while many more were taken hostages in a school and a mosque and residents  fear the hostages’ fate.  Regime forces launched fierce tanks, rocket and artillery shelling on different neighborhoods in Qudssayia and Alhameh and hundreds of families fled their homes in search of safe refugee.


Douma: sixty four residents were killed and hundreds were wounded in the past four days.  Eighteen victims, including three women, were killed this Wednesday alone.  Most of them were extra judicially executed, and several were burned after Al-Assad’s militias invaded Almanfoosh neighborhood   Regime forces launched shelling and gunfire attacks on several different neighborhoods and the city lacks of forms of communication.


Azzabadani:  Five victims were killed and dozens were wounded as a result of fierce and systematic artillery and tanks’ shelling attacks ( for 94 days in a row ) and sniper’s shooting.  The city suffers a severe shortage in medical supplies and health care professionals which make rescuing victims is almost impossible.


Almlaihah: Regime forces handed over for burial the bodies of the victims arrested yesterday, among emergency squad team, while being treated at Teshreen Military Hospital.


Pro-Assad’s militias kidnapped a bus heading to Assaida Zainab with all passengers on board.


Qatana: Regime forces working on Atterbeh checkpoint attacked the high school and students in classroom using their guns in the attack.  Several students were bruised.  Explosions rocked the city during the evening hours.


Jessreen: High number of Al-Assad forces attempted to invade Jessreen’s farms from Alhaffar area while MiG fighter jets fiercely bombarded the farms, killing Ahmad Emad Annabky.


Kafr Batna:  Warplanes dropped TNT explosive barrels over Kaf Batna farms while military helicopters launched a rocket on Alhadoor neighborhood killing two residents.


Saqba and Hamoria: MiG fighter jets bombarded Saqba and Hamoria’s farms while regime forces launched mortar and artillery shelling attacks on Alghootah Asharquieh killing two residents in Hamoria and forcing families to keep their children out of school.


Artooz:  Artillery shelling on farms in Jdaidet Artooa and Addahera in Artooz.


Assaida Zaniab and Hajjert Albalad: Mortar shelling during the evening hours.


Deir Al’asafeer:  Mortar shelling during the evening hours.


Harasta: a mortar shell fell behind the church wounding several residents.


Babila:  Residents found three unidentified victims in Babila.


Almualibliah:  Regime forces fatally shot Neddal Oqulah during the assault raid on the village.


Harasta Alquantarah: Large number of regime forces invaded the city.


Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:  residents found unidentified victim in the city’s outskirts.


Demonstrations were mobilized in Hamoria and Dareyyah.

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