Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Thirty eight residents were killed in Damascus Suburbs: Harasta 10, Douma 8, Shab’aa 6, Saqba 3, Alquassemieh 2, and one victim in each of the following cities and towns; Erbeen, Madaya, Azzabadani, Almlaiha, Alhaijaneh, Alahmadieh, Alkhamessieh, Annabek and Jobar.


Harasta: Nine residents were killed. Regime forces attacked Harasta National Hospital and arrested all patients. They broke into Alhassan and Azaharaa mosques as well as dozens of homes and stole their contents. Furthermore, they confiscated all emergency food supplies from the Red Crescent and Harasta Charity Association.


Douma: Seven residents were killed in Douma city, including three children, and dozens of residents were wounded during sniper gunfire and shelling. Regime forces launched fierce artillery and rocket shelling attacks on residential areas staring in early hours of the morning. Furthermore, security forces stationed at checkpoints opened intense gunfire, several explosions rocked the city and many homes caught fire as a result.


Shab’aa: Six Free Syrian Army Soldiers were killed during a military operation.


Erbeen: Hussam Marwan Ajazar was killed during brutal shelling attacks. Regime forces attempted to invade the city from different directions and families fled their homes fearing new massacres.


Hosh Arab: Regime forces launched fierce shelling attacks on homes in Hosh Arab and Assal Alward, wounding dozens of residents and destroying more than ten homes so far. Electricity is also disconnected.


Hajjeera Albalad: Al-Assad forces launched shelling attacks on homes, wounding several residents.


Alghootah Asharquieh: Regime forces launched mortar shelling on residential areas in Kafr Batna, Erbeen, Jessreen, Saqba, Madyara, Misraba, Zamlka, Hamoria, wounding several residents and promoting panic and chaos among residents.


Adeir Salman: Forces stationed at a checkpoint in Alghuzlanieh launched fierce shelling attacks on Adeir Salman and Alkhamssieh.


Azzabadani: Regime forces stationed at checkpoints launched shelling attacks on homes. Hassan Alkwaifee died after being tortured while in regime forces’ custody. He was arrested fifty days ago.


Almanssoura: Regime forces deployed near Almoanssoura Mosque and all the way to Alghassouleh checkpoint, opened intense fire on Almasooura and Alkhamssieh, and forced residents to evacuate their homes.


Rankooss: Regime forces belonging to Ra’ss Al’ain battalion and others stationed at Quarna checkpoint launched fierce shelling on Sahel Rankooss.


Alhameh: Forces in Jabal Alward launched shelling on homes in Alhameh and Qudssaya.


Jdaidet Artooz: Regime forces opened intermittent gunfire on homes as well as artillery shelling on Addaheera neighborhood.


Evening Highlights:


Al’abadeh: Military helicopters hovered over the town during the night and launched six shells on Al’abadeh farms.



Al-Assad forces have launched indiscriminate assault raids on homes in Bloudan and arrested refugees from other areas.

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