Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Forty nine victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Saturday:

Albaitariah 15, Ma’raba 5, Qudsaia 3, Maida’a 3, Douma 2, Harasta 2, Saqba 3, Attal 2, Dair Sulaiman 2, Harran Al’awameed 1, Al’taibeh 1, Almqualabiah 1, Azzabadani 1, Quara 1, Hafeer Foqua 1, Assalhieh (killed in Qudssaia) 1, Dar’aa (killed in Alboida) 1, Rekn Eddeen (Killed in Addraa) 1, Damascus ( killed in Douma) 1, Homs (killed in Harasta) 1, R’ass Al’een (Killed in Harasta) 1


Alghootah Asharquiah, Albaitariah: Regime forces led fifteen detainees to Tal Almastabeh then extra judicially executed them.


Saqba: Military forces launched mortar shelling attacks on a funeral procession for Mohammad Saleh Alkhateeb, killing an elderly man and Ahmad Mohammad Deeb Obaid, and wounding several others.


Qudssaia: Al-Assad militias slaughtered eight residents with knives in a new massacre. The number of victims killed since yesterday has reached 17: eight were slaughtered, four were killed during shelling and two were fatally shot by snipers.


Ma’raba: Pro-Assad militias from Esh Alwarwar kidnapped, extra judicially executed and burned five residents then threw their bodies on the road. One of the victims was from Ma’raba (Ibraheem Azorba, also know as Abou Wa’el); the other four victims remained unidentified.


Douma: Regime air forces bombarded Aleb Area and farms in Misraba and Ashaifoonieh with rocket and heavy-machine guns during the morning hours. Regime forces also launched mortar shelling attacks on Karm Erssass, Alhajarieh area, the Great Mosque and Taha Mosque, while snipers and forces stationed on checkpoints opened direct gunfire on windows and balconies, killing a woman (Ghuna Hussam Alkhayat ) and a man in their home.


Regime forces launched artillery shelling on Sahel Rankoss, Jerd Talfeeta and the outskirts of Hosh Arab, killing two residents in Jerd Talfeeta; Omar Sinjab and Mohammad Ashalabi.


Harasta: Pro-Assad militias extra judicially executed and burned Abdel Hadi Omar Almadani. Regime forces launched shelling attacks on residential areas, killing four residents, including 12 year old Firas Hassan Shahud from Homs city. Furthermore, regime forces forced residents to leave their homes and set homes and farms on fire.


Artooz: Regime forces stationed with Regiment 100 launched tank and artillery shelling on Addaheera neighborhood. Ten shells rained down on the neighborhood during a period of thirty minutes.


Regime air forces bombarded homes in Alblalieh with military helicopters.


Assaida Zainab: Military forces launched artillery shelling on several different neighborhoods.


Azzabadani: Regime forces stationed at checkpoints launched shelling attacks on residential areas and fatally shot Mazen Burhan.


Yabrood: Regime forces launched shelling attacks, triggering at least ten strong explosions in the city’s outskirts.


Regime forces launched a detention raid in Qualdoon, killed Mowafaque Omar and Jalal Serieh in Deir Sulaiman and Esma’eel Rashrash Mer’ee in Almquailbieh.


Madyara: Regime forces bombarded Madyara’s outskirts with military helicopters.


Aneshabieh: Military helicopters hovered over Aneshabieh and bombarded its farms. Forces also established a mobile checkpoint on Alghootah Asharquieh road.


Evening Highlights:

Mu’adamyat Asham: Military forces stationed with the fourth division in Mu’adamyat Asham mountains launched shelling attacks on residential areas.


Intermittent shelling in Assaida Zainab.


Several explosions were heard, possibly due to shells launched on Abou Farooque Street.

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