Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

131 victims were killed today in Damascus Suburbs including 104civilians were killed in a new massacre in Al-Thyabeyyeh. Twelve  victims from Attal were killed in Barzeh. Eight in Douma. One in each of Qatana, Zamalka, and Hafer Foqa.

Al-Thyabeyyeh: A new atrocious massacre committed by Al-Assad forces as 104 bodies were found, most of them for elderly, women, and children, The victims were slaughtered with knives, their bodies mutated. Further, Al-Assad forces stormed the town reinforced with tanks. There is a fear of committing new massacres against civilians in the town.

Douma: Eight civilians were killed today, most of them were women and children, and a lot of civilians were injured in the city as Al-Assad forces continue to shell residential areas with mortar in a rate a shell per five minute. Al-Hajareh neighborhood, Aljala’a street, and Al-Kabeer Mosque area are being particularly targeted in the shelling attacks.

Alotaibeh: Al-Assad forces stormed the town killing two civilians while MiG warplanes hovered over the area.

MiG warplanes hovered over Almulaiha, Zebdeen, and Dair Alasafeer, and bombarded the area indiscriminately while sounds of huge explosions were heard.

Asaideh Zainab: Al-Assad forces continue to shell residential buildings with mortar.

Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces have fiercely shelled the city with mortar, artillery, and rockets.

Al-Assad forces, stationed at Ras Alain battalion, shelled the farms of Rankous and Hosh Alarab with tanks.

Artouz: Fierce shelling with artillery on Adahrah neighborhood and Jdaideh farms.

Zamalka:  A civilian was found in his home extra judicially executed and tortured.

Mu’adamyat Asham: Several shells fell on the city. Further, a massacre perpetrated yesterday by Al-Assad forces as  eleven civilians were killed. Five of them were killed due to shelling residential areas, a victim was tortured to death, and the other were Slaughtered. While 15 civilians were kidnapped and tortured then they were thrown near the Air Force Intelligence Branch one of them died . His name is not confirmed yet.

Alabadi: Al-Assad forces have shelled the town. twelve shells fell on residential areas thus far.

Demonstrations mobilized in Jesreen, Erbeen and Hamoryah.

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