Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


-Fifty eight victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Tuesday: Sbaineh 7, Douma 15,  Alboidah 6, Erbeen 4, Almlaiha 3, Hosh Nassri 3, Dareyyah 2, Assaida Zainab 2, Bait Jen 2, Yelda 3,  Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham 5, Aqraba 2, Athiabieh 2 and one victim in each of the following: Hazzeh, Addraa, Harasta, Shab‘a, Alkessweh, Azzabadani, Arrhaibeh and Jairood.


Alboidah:  Regime forces extra judicially executed three men two women, slashed child with knives, destroyed and set several homes on fire.


Ashaifoonieh and Hosh Nassri: a woman, her son and daughter were killed during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter Jets while her second daughter was wounded.


Douma:  nine victims ( including Sa’da Zebdaini ) were killed and several residents were wounded, mainly around the mosques .  Also, an entire family of seven members were killed during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on Hosh Alfara. The body of Tameem Alashqar, native of Jairood, was found near Ashuker mosque; he was killed with shrapnel.  Rocket and mortar shelling attacks and intense gunfire are being launched by Al-Assad’s militias and snipers on homes and mosques daily.


Alabadaeh:  Regime forces aerially bombarded residential areas while Al-Assad’s militias destroyed homes, businesses and cut trees in the outskirts on the town.


Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:  Two children ( Mohammad Mahmood Alkhateeb 5 years old and Mohammad Akram Khaled Omar thirteen years old ) were killed and dozens of residents were wounded, mainly women and children during shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad’s forces on residential areas.  Al-Assad’s militias arrested resident and abused them.


Athiabieh:  Regime forces continued to launch brutal shelling attacks on residential areas killing Mahmood Shehab Ann’aimat and destroying homes and mosques.


Assaida Zainab:  Two men were killed, Mohammad Alhoori and Mohammad baljiki , both are from Aljolan.


Erbeen:   Five residents were killed, including Ayham Baidoon (eleven yeas old) and Zuhair Ashalabi, and dozens of residents were wounded during shelling attacks on Annasser Mosque.  Nadder Mahroos Kernbeh was extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’ militias in Jobar.


Al’taibeh: Al-Assad’s militias invaded Al’taibeh and launched rocket and artillery shelling on residential areas.


Azzabadani:  Regime forces stationed on Ajameiiyat checkpoint launched shelling attacks on residential areas while forces stationed on Alkournish checkpoint fatally shot Majjed Khareeta.


Shab’a:  Khuzama Mohammad Burgosh was shot by sniper two days ago and died of her sustained wound this Tuesday.


Yelda:  Residents found two unidentified victims in Yelda’s farms.  The victims were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’s militias.


Dareyyah: Ayman Alkholabooni and his younger sibling Yaman Alkholani were killed while heading to their property in Dar’aa.


Hazzeh:  Mohammad Yasseen Abdul Aal was fataly shot by sniper staioned on Hermleh checkpoint.


Harasta: Ahmad Ibraheem Allabon( thirty five years old) , also known as Abou Ebraheem , died of his sustained wound while regime forces shelled areas surrounding Ashuker mosque and Harasta-Douma farms.


Artooz:  Regime forces stationed in Regiment 153 shelled Artooz and Jdaidet Artooz.


Alkessweh:  Amer Mesto ( 19 years old) was killed  By Al-Assad’s forces while he was in the company of other FSA fighters.


Evening Highlights:


Almlaiha: Regime forces launched mortar shelling and aerial bombardment killing Khlaed Shaqoor Ghareeb, Amer Misto and Hussain Issa and wounding dozens of residents.


Regime forces launched intermittent mortar shelling on Deir Alasafeeer and Zebdeen.  Power and all forms of communication are disconnected.


Regime forces invaded Hajjira Albalab from different directions and residents flee their homes in fear of new massacre.


Aqraba:  Hussain Ahmad Issa and Ibraheem Samoor, both from Alhajjar Alswad neighborhood in Damascus, were killed.


Assaideh Zainab: Fierce shelling was launched on Alwahsh neighborhood.


Yabrood:  Regime forces continued the shelling attacks on residential areas.


Pro-Assad’s militias in Jabal Alwared opened fire on residential areas in Alhameh and Qudsaia.


Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham: Regime forces stationed in the eastern neighborhood targeted homes with gunfire.

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