Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Monday, September 24, 2012


-Twenty eight victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Monday: Sbaineh 7, Douma 5, Zamlka 3, Deir Ezzor 3 (killed in Douma), Harasta 2 and one in each of the following; Qudsaya, Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham, Hafeer Alfoqua, Al’abaddeh, Azziabieh, Ajjolan (killed in Azziabieh) Jobar (killed in Zamlka), Ashagoor (killed in Sbaineh) and Hamah (killed in Douma).


-Douma: Nine residents were killed and several were injured, including four children, during rocket and mortar shelling launched by Al-Assad’s forces on mosques and neighborhoods while snipers and security forces continued to open gunfire on homes and mosques.


-Sbaineh: Al-Assad’s militias besieged and invaded the town with heavy-machine vehicles, extra judicially executed seven residents and burned some of them, indiscriminately arrested civilians, set homes on fire and opened fire on civilians.


-Zamlka: Regime forces shelled Albalad district killing two residents (Anass Adnan kokash and Hussam Abdul Azziz Addhla ) and wounding several others.


-Athiabieh and Assaida Zainab: Regime forces looted and aerially bombarded several homes in Alwahesh neighborhood, arrested dozens of residents and killed Omar Sa’eed, from Ajjolan, while he was defending his fellow citizens.


-Aqraba: Regime forces stationed on Aqraba Bridge fatally shot an unidentified elderly man, flew military helicopters and shelled the area.


-Erbeen: Several residents were wounded, some critically, during fierce shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad’s forces on the outskirts of the city.


-Yelda: Regime forces invaded the town from three directions; Ali Alwahesh, Assabireen mosque and Ajjed and Rajab gas station.


-Azzabadani: Regime force continued to shell residential areas for the eighty days in a row. The city lacks water, food and first air supplies.


– Al’taibeh: Regime forces bombarded residential areas with MiG Fighter jets wounding dozens of residents while military helicopters hovered over the town.


-Almlaiha, Al’abadeh, Saqba, Jessreen and Shab’a: Military forces aerially bombarded farms and surrounding areas.


-Hosh Arab: Regime forces launched artillery shelling attacks on residential areas during the evening hours.


-Qatana: Regime forces opened intense gunfire and two explosions rocked the city while snipers stationed on rooftops targeted homes during the evening hours.


-Artooz: Military forces of Regiment 100 launched ten shells so far on Athaheera neighborhood.


-Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham: Residents found the body of Jamal Makkari ten meters away from the Air Force Intelligence agency. The victim was extra judicially executed. Regime forces continued to shell neighborhoods and residential areas for eight days in a row.


-Harasta: A funeral processing took place today for four victims killed by snipers and during shelling attacks yesterday, including Yaseen Ibraheem Hasanain (three years old) as well as today’s victim (Shadi Mohammad Saleh Alhomsi.)


-Babila: Hesham Rashed Ashalati, native of Ashagoor, was fatally shot by sniper.


-Qudsaya: The body of Munzer Al’quleh, fifty four years old, was found, tortured, in a vehicle’s trunk in Nazlet Alahdath. The victim was kidnapped at Asefsaf checkpoint and his family was asked to pay one million Syrian pounds in exchange of his release.



Evening Highlights:


-Madyara: Shells rained down on the town’s outskirts and the surrounding areas. Residents have been without power for two days.


-Yabrood: Al-Assad’s militias launched shelling attacks on Qraineh, Alqua’eh and Assalhieh neighborhoods wounding dozens of civilians, mostly women and children.



-Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham: regime forces opened heavy gunfire in several neighborhoods and targeted homes directly.


-Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta, Hamoria and Alkessweh.


Human Right Daily Report:



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