Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, September 22, 2012


37 civilians were killed today in Damascus Suburbs:

Eight victims were killed in Hajeerah Albalad, seven in Kafr Batna, six in Yalda, three in Douma and Asayidah Zainab, respectively, two in Aljarba, one each in Harasta, Yabroud, Rass Alma’arah, Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham, Alblaliah, Athiyabiah, and Qatana.


-Hajeerah Albalad: Al-Assad forces targeted a bus with a shell, killing 13 victims including women.


-Kafr Batna: Seven civilians were killed and more than 15 injured when three shells fell in front of Alghouta Asharqia High School.


-Erbeen: Regime forces launched mortar shelling attacks on residential areas, wounding several residents, including and a woman and her daughter. Several of the injured are in critical condition.


-Al’abadeh:  Regime forces staioned at “Thunderbolt Barracks” launched artillery shelling on homes using explosive bullets.


-Shab’a and Hutaitet Atterkman:  Al-Assad forces targeted homes with tank shelling and aerial bombardment.


-Douma: Three residents were killed.  Al-Assad forces launched indiscriminate gunfire and mortar shelling on residential areas.  Snipers targeted civilians on the streets while Al-Assad militias maintained a heavy presece near Ashuker Mosque.


-Azzabadani:  Regime forces stationed at checkpoints launched fierce artillery shelling attacks for the seventy eighth day in a row.


-Zamalka: Regime forces stationed on Jesser Zamalka’s checkpoint launched tank shelling on Almahareeq District and Zamalka Main Square, wounding several residents. Snipers were stationed on rooftops near Harmleh’s Checkpoint and military forces dispatched security reinforcements to the area.


-Qatana: Regime forces opened heavy gunfire on several different locations while Al-Assad militias extra judicially executed Ahmad Youssef Ashaikh near the Water Department in the evening.


-Alqatamoon- Ra’s Alm’ara:  Al-Assad militias opened fire on a bus, killing the driver and wounding several passengers, some critcally.


-Rankoos: Regime forces stationed with the 67th Regiment launched rockets shelling on Rankoos’ farms, triggering several explosions, while forces stationed at Algharb’s checkpoints opened indiscriminate gunfire during the evening.


-Artooz: Regime forces launched shelling attacks on Athaheera neighborhood after Al-Assad militias withdrew, which has become the daily pattern.


-Saqba: Regime forces launched mortar shelling attacks on residential areas and farms.


-Yabrood:  A funeral procession took place for Hanan Almaghrebi, also known as Em Hussain Zahra, who was killed during shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad forces on Alqab’ district Saturday.


-Assbaineh:  Al-Assad’s militias invaded the cemetery in Assbaineh where all victims form Alqadam and Al’assali neighborhoods rest, extracted the bodies and transported then to an undisclosed location.


-Harasta: Regime forces launched shelling attacks on Almazra’a neighborhood during the morning and clouds of smoke filled the sky as a result.   The shelling attacks resumed during the evening.


Evening Highlights:

-Douma: Jamal Yasseen Taha died of wounds sustained from a mortar shell’s shrapnel.


-Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:  Regime forces have been launching fierce and indiscriminate mortar and artillery shelling and heavy gunfire for five days in a row .


-Yabrood: Six mortar shells fell in Alqah’a neighborhood.


-Dareyyah:  Al-Assad forces launched assault attacks on the areas surrounding the mosque of Ali Bin Abi Taleb and detained several residents from Daarayyah’s farms.


-Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta and Hamoria.

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