Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Thursday, September 20, 2012


-Forty Victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Thursday:

Douma 9, Yelda 9, Saidnaya 4, Alboaida 3, Baitjen 3, Muaddamiatu Sham 3, Arrhaibeh 2, Artooz 2, Damascus 2, Almlaiha 1, Erbeen 1, Harasta 1


-Douma:  Several explosions were heard around 9:00 pm, followed by the fall of a military helicopter on a vehicle carrying four passengers from Saidnaya at Tal Kerdi.  The passengers (George Aazer, Marwan Ya’quoob and another resident from Almeer family) were rushed to Teshreen Military Hospital and later died. Regime forces launched fierce rocket and mortar shelling on several different neighborhoods, including the Great Mosque.  Nine victims were killed as a result, including three children and one woman. Several residents were also wounded.   Regime snipers continue to launch fierce gunfire on residential areas until this moment.


-Harasta:  Regime forces launched a detention raid and arrested several civilian, including Dr. Amer Hammad and several members of his family.  Mahmmod Khalil Shelleh died of wounds sustained during indiscriminate shelling attacks.


-Zamalka: Sa’eed Sammer Shatta was fatally shot in Jobar while he was  returning home in the morning.


-Almlaiha: Mohammad Tawfeeque Hassan Almassree was  arrested during the latest attack on the town and tortured to death in the custody of regime forces.


-Baitjen:  Three residents were killed and several were critically wounded, one of whom was hit in the neck, during a brutal campaign on the town. The town is still besieged and lacks all forms of communication, including Internet.


-Alboiada:  Two residents were killed during shelling attacks on Gazal and Aldoida.


-Arrhaiba:  Mar’ee Ahmad Hamki was fatally shot by a sniper.  A woman was killed after a sniper opened fire at the window of her home. She was rushed to Jairood Hospital where she later died.   Several residents were wounded and many others were arrested during the raid launched by Al-Assad militias.  Private and public properties were also attacked during the raid.


-Yelda:  Four residents ( Abdullah, Omar and Ahmad, the sons of Quassem Almasree, also known as Abou Faisal, and their brother-in law- Mahommd Almasree) were extra judicially executed as their families watched in Hosh Arrehanieh after they sought refugee in their hometown in fear of Al-Assad militias.


-Artooz:  Essam Mahmood Azziadeh was fatally shot by sniper while Jamal Mohammad Alhamed, from Athaheera neighborhood, was killed in the custody of Al-Assad’s Intelligence Agency forces.


-Muaddamiatu Sham:  Two residents ( Mohammad Nehad Assahlee and Mohammad Nasser Assahlee ) were killed and dozens were wounded during fierce mortar shelling attacks launched by regime forces on residential areas in the city.  The shelling continues until this moment.  In addition, residents found an unidentified mutilated victim in the city this morning.


-Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta and Douma.

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