Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Tuesday, September 18, 2012



-Nineteen victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Tuesday:


Almleha 6, Zakieh 2, Douma 1, Kafr Batna 1, Azzabadani 1, Dumair 1, Zebdeen 1 Hazeeh 1, Ajolan 1 ( killed in Azziabieh), Almidan 1 ( killed in Almleha), Attadamon 1 (killed in Almleha) and Hama 1 (killed in Alghoota).



-Almleha: Seven residents, two of whom are refugees from Damascus, were killed during fierce bombardment with MiG fighter jets on residential areas in Almleha. Unidentified female victim was also found on the farms.



-Zebdeen: Fouad Jaza’erlee was killed during tank shelling in Shab’a.



-Douma: Diaa Na’een Addera, thirty years old, was fatally shot in the abdomen by a sniper stationed at Alquwatlee checkpoint and Rafeeq Assagheer died of wounds sustained two weeks ago. Massive explosions were heard in the city. Security forces stationed at the Mesraba, Khorsheed and Jesser Ashaifoonieh and other checkpoints inside the city opened gunfire and launched rockets on residential areas, wounding many residents.



-Zamalka: Regime forces launched artillery shelling on a home, killing Ziad Sadeq Odeh and his wife Saousan Amtto. Their son sustained a serious leg injury.



-Mokhayam Alyarmook: A sniper fatally shot Hesham Abou Helal, a child and native of Azziabieh.



-Kafr Batna: A sniper stationed at the Jwaiz checkpoint fatally shot Emad Alhalabee, also known as Abou Saleh, yesterday.



-Dumair: Al-Assad militias extra judicially executed Shareef Ma’moon Assayed and left his body on the road after blackmailing his family and taking a ransom of five hundred thousand Syrian pounds and the victim’s vehicle in exchange of the victim‘s release.



-Zakieh: Al-Assad’s militias stationed at a checkpoint in Assanamain in Dar’aa extra judicially executed two citizens from Alfahad family after arresting them under the accusation of financing the Free Syrian Army. The militias also confiscated all the money they had with them. The victims had been heading to Dar’aa to pay a ransom of five hundred thousand Syrian pounds to release their children kidnapped by Al-Assad militias in Dar’aa.



-Azzabadani: Mahmood Ahmad Burhaan died of his wounds.



-Muaddamiyatu Sham: Regime forces launched indiscriminate mortar shelling attacks on neighborhoods, destroying residential buildings.



-Dier Alassafeer: Military helicopters hovered over the town and all forms of communication have been disconnected.



-Regime forces from Regiment 153 launched shelling attacks on Artooz Addahera on Tuesday morning.



-Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta and Hamoria.

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