Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, September 15, 2012


-Twenty two residents were killed in Damascus suburbs: Yelda 7, Douma 4, Azzadadani 2, Hajjeera 2, Qatana 2, and one victim in each of the following towns and cities: Jessreen, Mu’adhamyyat Sham, Harasta, Attal and Dier Attieh.


-Douma: Regime forces opened heavy gunfire and launched rockets and mortar shelling attacks on Almal’ab and Alhajjarieh neighborhoods while Al-Assad’s forces closed all access points leading to Abdul Arra’oof neighborhood. As a result, several residents were killed and injured and many families felt their homes after the shelling attacks in fear of new invasion by Al-Assad’s forces. Additionally, several peaceful homes were destroyed, Alfawal mosque was targeted with mortar shell, a warehouse in Alhajjarieh neighborhood caught fire in the rockets shelling attacks and power was disconnected.


-Yelda: Residents recovered seven more victims who were killed by Al-Assad’ militias in the latest massacres in Yelda.


-Hajjeera Albalad: Regime forces launched artillery shelling attacks on the town while residents recovered more victims who were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’s militias and the number of the massacre victims reached seventeen. Residents also returned to recheck their homes destroyed and burned by Al-Assad’s militias during the latest attack on the city.


-Jessreen: Bahaa annabkee was killed and many other residents were wounded during fierce mortar shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad’s forces since early morning.


-Hosh Arab: Regime forces launched heavy artillery shelling attacks on Hosh Arab and intermittent tanks shelling on Sahel Rankooss.


-Qatana: Regime militias opened heavy gunfire on civilians while touring the city in their vehicles, killing two brothers, Ma’moon Alheloo and Salameh Alheloo.


-Azzabadany: Maher Abdul Hameed Hamdan, twelve years old, died of his wounds while Mahmoud Ghanoom, defected soldier, was extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’s forces during assault attacks on neighborhood housing refugees from other areas.


-Harasta: Ezz Edeen Zaghlool was slaughtered and Yosef nooree Reslan, defected soldier, was executed by Al-Assad’s militias.


-Regime forces launched mortar shells on the towns of Alghootah Alsharquieh while military helicopters hovered over Kafr Batna, Jessreen, Saqba and Erbeen.


– Mu’adhamyyat Sham: an unidentified victim was found on Alaraba’een freeway near the exist leading to Misraba.


-Attal: Residents found the body of Nasser Ibraheem Aboo Khermeh in Wadi Moossa in Attal City. Regime forces launched indiscriminate detention raids and arrested more than twenty five residents.


-Regime forces launched fierce artillery shelling on Artooz and Jdaidet Artooz.


-Babila: the town has been without water or electricity for eleven days in a row.


Evening Highlights:

– Al’abadeh: Military helicopters hovered over the town and dropped six bombs over Algraifeh farms in Al’abadeh.


-Qudsaia: Pro-Assad militias and forces stationed in Jabal Alwared launched RBJ shells on Al’araad buildings and heavy gunfire was heard in Athawra City.


-Regime forces working in Regiment 14 in Alqutaifeh launched shelling attacks on Rankooss’ farms and Hosh Arab.


-Kafr Batna: Regime forces launched mortar shells on Addaqaq and Azzor districts, destroying farms and terrorizing residents.

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