Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


-Twenty one victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs:  Sbaineh 6, Yelda 6, Etheiabieh 3, Azzabadani 1, Hamoria 1, Dareyyah 1, Saqba 1, Babila 1


-Etheiabieh: Security forces and regime militias invaded the town, extra judicially executed three residents, detained men under the age of thirty and inspected all homes.


-Yelda:  Al-Assad’s militias stormed the town from different directions, looted and set private properties on fire.


-Babila:  Hadi Mohammad Yahia, seventeen years old, found in a basement in Sidi Meqdad neighborhood; the victim was tortured to death by Al-Assad’s militias during the latest attack on the town five days ago.


-Aneshabieh:  Regime forces bombarded Aneshabieh and Bait Naiem’s farms with military helicopters.


-Hosh Alarab:  Regime forces launched artillery shelling attacks on Hosh Alarab and Assal Alwared destroying several homes.


-Kanaker:  Regime forces closed all road leading to Kanaker, prevented any one from entering the town, opened heavy gunfire and hurled sound bombs to terrorize civilians, screen all neighborhood, launched assault attacks on residential areas and detained high number of residents.


-Jessreen: Al-Assad’s air forces fiercely bombarded residential areas in Jessreen and Hamoria as well as farms in saqba and Aleftrass.


-Hamoria: Funeral mobilized for Mohammad Deeb Ibraheem Ghanoom who was killed in Zebdeen.


-Douma:  Snipers and regime forces stationed on checkpoints launched heavy gunfire and mortar shells on most neighborhoods.


-Rankoos:  Al-Assad’s air forces have been bombarding Rankoos farms since early morning.


-Hosh Nassree:  High number of security forces and militias burned farms located on Tal Sawan Road While MiG fighter jets bombarded Hosh Nassree.


-Aljjarba:  Ass’aad Abdo Hejjazee, forteen years old, was killed during aerial bombardment launched by Al-Assad’s forces on Hosh Nassree.


-Qatana:  Regime forces stationed on Atterbeh checkpoint and Ain Sultan launched heavy gunfire and tanks shelling during the evening hours.


-Artooz:  Regime forces extra judicially executed Yahiah Qabalan, native of Jdaidet Artooz, after arresting him on Tuesday, Septembers 11, 2012  Military forces launched mortar shells on Dahert Artooz and Jdaidet Artooz’ farms.


-Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:  Residents found unidentified extra judicially executed victim in the town’s outskirts.


-Assbaineh: Nine victims, including Nabil Alkhalili were killed yesterday while they were defending their fellow citizens.


-Saqba: Faiez Ahmad Isma’eel, also known as Abou Ibraheem, was extra judicially executed and left on Almaiha road.  The victim was arrested a week ago by Al-Assad’s forces.


Evening Highlights:


-Yelda:  Rami Hammed and Yahia Hamood were killed while they were defending their hometown.  Ten more victims were also killed by regime forces yesterday.


-Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:  Regime forces stationed in Almazzeh military airport launched fierce mortar shelling attacks on residential areas while forces stationed across the city opened heavy gunfire and tracer bullets.


-Qudsaia: regime forces and snipers open heavy gunfire in Ajam’eiat street, set a property on fire near Assahabeh Mosque located in Qudsaia Farms.  Power was disconnected for few hours in several neighborhoods.


-Etheiabieh: Regime forces launched continual gunfire.


-Demonstrations were mobilized in Harasta, Hamoria, Erbeen and Kafr Batna.

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