Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Twenty residents were killed in Damascus Suburbs: Yelda 5, Babilia 4, Douma 2, Harasta 1, Kafr Batna 1, Assaideh Zainab 1, Rankoos 1, Dumair 1, Jedaidett Artooz Albalad 1, Azzabadani 1, Ma’raba 1, and Talfeeta 1.


Regime forces launched artillery shelling and aerial rocket bombardment on the Alhajar Alaswad and Attadamon neighborhoods in Damascus, killing ten residents thus far.  Military forces also targeted Yooness Hospital in Alhajar Alaswad in the shelling attack, conpletely destroying parts of the building and surrounding properties.   The raids on the Alhajar Alaswad and Atadamon neighborhoods continue until the moment.


Babila:  Al-Assad’s militias committed a new massacre in Babila killing civilians from Te’meh family and residents fled their homes and sought refugee in surrounding farms.  Ayman Hamoosh, sibling of victim Mohammad Hamoosh, was hit with shrapnel during the shelling attacks and died of his wounds. Residents could not rush him to the hospital in fear for his life.  Al-Assad’s militias set on fire most businesses located on the main street..


Yelda:  Regime forces, supported with tanks and heavy-machine vehicles, invaded the town while snipers, stationed on high buildings, targeted civilians on the streets.  Military forces launched fierce shelling attacks, destroying several homes and killing five residents: Khaled Alkheddrawi, Mahmood Albuqua’ee, Mohammad Almassri, Zakarayia Sbainati and Mohammad Ahmad Karaman.


Sbaineh:  Regime forces supported with tanks invaded the town and launched shelling attacks on homes wounded several residents.


Jdaidett Artooz:  Regime forces tortured Khaldoun Bellal to death.


Ma’raba: A resident was fataly shot by military forces.


Althiabieh: Regime forces launched artillery shelling attacks, wounding critically several residents and destroying homes.


Dumair:  Shawquee Alakhrass, wounded fifteen days ago, succumbed to his wounds.


-Alqaboon: Regime forces aerially bombarded residential areas in Alqaboon and surrounding farms near Erbeen City.


-Harasta:  Regime forces opened heavy gunfire on several districts while military helicopters hovered over the city.  Several explosions were heard near the freeway.  Ossama Mohammad Mahfooz was killed.


-Douma:  Ahmad Sammer Alkhanshoor, born 1191, was killed by military forces and Lojjain Almasreei (an infant) was fatally shot by a sniper.


-Azzabadani:  Regime forces have been shelling residential areas in Azzabadani for 67 days in a row, one resident was killed Tuesday and several others were wounded.


-Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:  Regime forces belonging to the Fourth Division stationed on Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham Mountains launched fierce artillery shelling attacks on the rural areas located west of the city.


-Dareyyah: Regime forces reinforced with tanks and armored vehicles invaded the west side of the city (Annajassah).


Hosh Arab: Military warplanes hovered over homes and shelled the town’s outskirts.

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