Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Monday, September 10, 2012



Forty Victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs: Zamlka 17, Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham 3 (one of whom is native of Saroojeh),  Dier Al’asafeer 3, Erbeen 3 (were killed on September 2, 2012), Douma 2, Yelda 2, Dareyyah 1, Attal 1, Bait Sawa 1, Serghaya 1, Anneshabieh 1, Ashaifoonieh 1, Hamoria 1, Qatana 1. Aljolaan 1 ( native of Qatana), Almqualbieh 1 (was killed two days ago in Attadamon neighborhood in Damascus.)


Zamlka:  Residents found mass grave for where seventeen handcuffed unidentified victims were buried.


Assaideh Zainab:  Regime forces launched fierce aerial bombardment with helicopters on residential areas and residents fled their homes in search for safety.  Security reinforcements supported by tanks and heavy-machine vehicles were dispatched to the outskirts of the city in preparation to invade the city.


Yelda:  Regime forces launched fierce gunfire and shelling attacks on residential areas and residents fear new massacres against civilians left in the town.


Hamoria:  Regime forces launched mortar shells on various areas killing Emad Addine Abou Erabee (child), wounding five civilians at lease and destroying several homes.


Bait Sawa:  Several homes were hit with mortar shells. Sa’eed Khado Wardeh was killed and several residents were wounded.


Babila: Regime militias invaded the town, looted businesses on the main street and set homes on fire while military forces launched shelling attacks on residential areas.


Aleftrass and Al’abadeh: Regime’s air forces aerially bombarded residential areas with MiG fighter jets for the second day in a row.


Douma:  Regime forces launched mortar shelling attacks on neighborhoods after funeral processing killing two residents, including a child ( Mohammad Ahmaad Asserminii and Beshr Bashar Daood) and wounding others, including children also.


Dier Al-Assafeer:  Three victims were recovered, two are from Sudan and the third victim is still unidentified.  The number of victims killed in massacre reach 21 victims as a result.


Jeesreen:  Al-Assad’s air forces launched aerial bombardment on homes in Jessreen.


Anneshabieh:  Military helicopters hovered over residential areas and aerially bombarded  the town’s farms.  Ali Ayash who was kidnapped for three days was found killed in Almejjtehed Hospital.


Alghezlanieh:  Military forces invaded town and launched assault and detention raids on homes.


Regime forces stationed in Eddreej and Hafeer’s checkpoints launched shelling attacks on residential areas in Talfeeta, killing Aom Mahmood Yosseph (thirty seven years old), wounding six residents (one of whom is critically wounded)  and destroying homes.


Aqraba: Military dispatched security reinforcements to Aqraba and regime forces launched assault attacks on homes and looted private properties.


Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham: Residents found three tortured and extra judicially executed victims three hundred meters away from the Air Force Intelligence Department.  One of the victim was identified as Mohammad Mazen Kenjo from Sarooja.


Qatana:  Residents found the body of  twenty five years old victim who was tortured and mutilated.


Ashaifoonieh: Regime forces in tanks opened fire on civilians killing Alaa Rateb Ajjamooss.


Qurhata: Regime forces launched assault and detention raids in Qurhata.


Azzabadani: Mohammad Abdul Fattah Alghaddban was killed by sniper on his way to Serghaya and regime forces have been shelling residential areas in Azzabadani for sixty six days, several civilians were wounded today during the shelling attacks.


Hajjiera Albalad: Military helicopters hovered over the town shelling residential areas in the outskirts and surrounding towns.


Madayya: Regime forces stationed on checkpoints opened fierce and indiscriminate gunfire and launched intermittent tanks’ shelling attacks on residential areas while snipers targeted every moving object on the street in attempt to target soldiers who defected from the military forces in the area.


Kanaker:  Regime forces launched assault attacks on residential areas.


Evening Highlights:

Clashes between defected soldiers and regime forces took place in Albarakeh district and heavy gunfire and explosions were heard in the surrounding areas.


Almquailbieh: Alaa Ali Almassry was killed while he was defending his fellow citizens in Altadamon neighborhood in Damascus.


Regime forces stationed in Dumair launched shelling attacks on residential areas located on the road leading to Adraa Albalad and residents are unable to get to the targeted areas.


Two mortar shells fell down on Bait Sahm.

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