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Saturday , June 8 2012


30 victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs including: nine victims were killed in Duma, four in both Mu’adamyyat Asham and Zamalka, two in both Attal and Yalda, one victim in each of Marj Asultan, Harasta, Babilah, Qatana, and Asaidah Zainab, two victims from Deir Azzour  were killed in Douma, a victim from Homs was also killed in Douma. A victim from Damascus Suburbs was killed in Aleppo.

Douma: Al-Assad forces committed a new massacre in  the city killing 15 victims. Gunfire took place throughout the city. Further, Al-Assad forces shelling have been renewed  on the neighborhoods. Six shells fell on Assa’our Mosque during the evening prayer killing Yaser Addurah, wounding a lots of civilians, and damaging some buildings.

Zamalka: Three civilians were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad forces. Also, Saleem Shukri was killed by Al-Assad forces in the city.

Al-Assad forces shelling have been renewed from Almu’addamyyah munitions on the southern neighborhoods of Damascus and Damascus Suburbs.

Yalda: Fierce shelling by Al-Assad forces killing some civilians.

Asaidah Zainab: A woman was killed while a lot of civilians were injured due to Al-Assad forces fierce shelling . Also, Ali Alwahish neighborhood was subjected to fierce shelling with mortar.

Hajjereh Al-Balad: Three shells fell on Ghurbah quarter destroying many  homes and shops. Further, a state of panic prevailed among residents whereas some of them fled their homes.

Annashabia: Helicopters shelled Tal Ref’at Farms and Beit Naem with rockets and machine-gun amid huge explosions.

Artouz: Al-Assad forces, stationed at Regiment 100, shelled  the Plains of Artouz and Adahrah neighborhood fiercely.

Mu’Addamyyat Asham: Residents found four victims who were handcuffed, tortured, and extra judicially executed .One of whom stated that he is native of jobar right before he passes away.

Sidi Meqdad, Bit Sahem, Aqraba and Babila: Al-Assad forces reinforced by tanks and military vehicle stormed  the towns, broke down some houses’ doors, and looted properties.

Harasta: An explosion rocked the city  after  a shell fell on  Albustan neighborhood.  Residents held a funeral for yesterday’s victims.

Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces have fiercely shelled residential homes with mortar and artillery  demolishing a lots of homes and wounding scores of civilians.

Hosh Arab: Fierce  shelling with tanks on residential areas by Al-Assad forces.

Misraba: Several huge explosions rocked the town amid indiscriminate gunfire.

Evening Highlights:

Asaida Zainab: Fierce shelling with mortar and heavy artillery by Al-Assad forces on residential areas amid power cut.

Marj Asoultan: Residents found the body of Circassian young man, from Nadeem family, who was killed and burned by Al-Assad’s militias in a residential building.

Hosh Arab town was subject to fierce shelling at the evening.

Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta condemning the massacres committed against Syrians’ people.


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