Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report


Sunday , September 09 , 2012



Ten victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs including three children from Attal were killed in Ain mneen. Three victims in both of Harasta and Douma. A victim in Hamorya.

Ain Mneen: A new massacre perpetrated by Al-Assad forces as a shell fell on a residential building killing three children from Attal city and wounding several civilians.

Douma: Gunfire took place throughout the city. Several explosions rocked Douma city at the evening while helicopters bombarded residential areas killing some civilians and wounding a lots. Several shells fell on Alhajariah. Further, Snipers opened indiscriminate gunfire.

Sbaineh: Artillery shelling by Al-Assad forces on the city demolishing a home and wounding several civilians.

Asaidah Zainab: Aerial and artillery bombardment by Al-Assad forces on the neighborhoods wounding some civilians.

Yalda: Al-Assad forces shelled the town with tanks, mortar, and artillery. A state of panic prevailed among citizens in fear of a new massacre may commit by Assad forces against residents.

Babila: Al-Assad forces besieged the town, raided homes, vandalized  properties, and arrested people indiscriminately. Further, the humanitarian condition is deteriorating. All hospitals and shops were closed  amid a great lack in  medical equipment. Saving injured is a very hard task due to snipers who stationed at the  high buildings.

Aqraba: Al-Assad forces reinforces by tanks besieged the town, burnt homes and cars, looted properties, and carried out raid an arrest campaigns.

Al-Gouta Asharqia: Helicopters opened machine-gunfire indiscriminately on some cities in Al-Gouta Asharqia.

Artouz: Al-Assad forces, stationed at Regiment 100, have fiercely shelled Adahra neighborhood amid intensive gunfire.

Alabadeh: MiG warplanes bombarded Qasab Basha farms with cluster bombs, residents reported.

Harasta: Residents held a funeral for three men from Barzah who were killed  by Al-Assad forces while defending their fellow. Muwafaq Bukairah, Ala’a Khashaneh, and Muhammad Khaled Aljadbeh.

Hamorya: Adnan Wannousah was killed by Al-Assad forces.

Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces have shelled the city since sixty-five days.

Qatana: Al-Assad forces shelled the farms. So far two shells fell on Alhallaleh amid raid campaign in Asinimah area.

Evening highlights:

Al-Assad forces have shelled the neighborhoods of Atheyabiah and Hajjerah Albalad. Several shells fell on Municipal Street.

Alqtaifeh: Sounds of artillery shelling were heard across the city due to clashes between Al-Assad forces and defected soldiers in the Third Division.

A demonstration mobilized in Harasta condemning Al-Assad forces massacre against civilians.

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