Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report


Friday, June 07, 2012


Twenty four residents were killed in Rural Damascus and twelve victims killed previously were finally identified: Harsata 11, Douma 4, Babila 2, yelda

2 and one victim in each of the following cities and towns; Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham, Azzabadani, Jesreen, Neshabieh and Alquaissa.


Harasta: Ten residents, including a woman and a child, were killed and dozens were injured during shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad’s forces on residential areas.


Dier Al’asafeer: Al-Assad’s forces launched fierce aerial bombardment on residential areas. Twelve victims who were killed in yesterday’s massacre were verified.


Assidi Meqdad: Al-Assad’s forces launched fierce shelling attacks on Assidi Meqdad neighborhood in Babila killing Yasser Mustapha Najeeb and wounding several residents including children.


Hajjira Albalad: Several homes were destroyed during shelling attacks launched by regime’s forces on the town’s farms.


Assaideh Zainab: Regime forces continued the shelling attacks on Ali Alwahesh neighborhood. The power Generator in the neighborhood was hit causing power outage.


Harasta Alqantara: Seven victims were killed by Al-Assad’s militias in a new massacre.


Bait Sahm: Five hundred militias reinforced by two tanks invaded the town and residents fear new massacres.


Douma: Akram Mohammad Alajjweh, Fahid Ka’keh, Sa’eed Ali Khebieh and

Fazaz Whebi were killed while defending their fellow citizens in Damascus and the surrounding rural areas. Agricultural facilities caught fire during shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad’s forces on the city.


Azzabadani: Regime’s forces stationed at checkpoints in Aljabal Asharqui and Aljabal Algharbi launched mortar and artillery shelling attacks, killing Ahmad Abdul Azeez and wounding eight residents including three months old infant.


Babila: Two thousand militias reinforced with military vehicles invaded the town, launched assault attacks on residential areas and looted homes. Several tanks occupied Babila Square.


Misraba: Several shells rained down on residential areas and farms.


Jessreen: The body of Ebraheem Mohammad khair Yaseen was finally identified by residents. The victim disappeared seven days ago and was killed by Al-Assad’s militias in Saqba.


Qatana: Regime forces launched assault arracks on the area located between Albaraka Mosque and the rail road.


Evening Highlights:


Regime forces launched tanks and mortar shelling attacks at a rate of one shell every five minutes on residential areas in Yelda, Babila, Hajjira Albalad and Athyabieh


Demonstrations mobilized in Saqba, Qara, Qudsaia, Dier Qanoon, kanaker, Erbeen, Attal, Yabrood, Douma (2) Alhameh (3) and Harasta (6)

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