Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report


Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Forty six victims were reported in Rural Damascus : Almleha 20, Zamlka 8, Yelda 3, Yabrood 3, Ain Tarma 3, Kafr Batna 2, Douma 2, Saqba 1, Qaraa 1, Babila 1


Almleha: Residents found twenty victims on Almleha-Shab’a Road who were killed in the latest attack launched by Al-Assad’s forces on the town.  Seven more victims were also killed yesterday.


Zamlka: Regime forces committed another massacre in Zamlka, killing eight civilians, including three women, ten years old child. Two elderly and on resident from Douma City ( Mustapha Alhamoree)


Regime forces launched shelling attacks on Babila, Yelda, Sidi Meqdad, Bait Sahem and Alboida.  Several explosions rocked the area, many families fled their homes  while water and power have been disconnected for two days in a row.


Yelda: Fierce and unprecedented shelling attacks were reported in Yelda.  Three residents were killed and many were injured; several are in serious condition.


Dier Al’asafeer: Thousands of militias reinforced with tanks and artilleries invaded the town around 5 pm.  The militias invaded earlier in the day Almleha, Zebdeen, Hetaitet Aljarash. Hetaitet Atterkman and shab’a .  Two residents were killed, including a child and many homes and farms caught fire during the attack.  Pro Assad media came to the area and forced residents to fake pro Assad’s

Military forces reinforced with tanks intensely populated the main street in Marj as Sultan.

Ain Tarma: Three residents were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’s militias.


Jesreen: The total number of victims reached seven after recovering two more victims today, Five victims from Jesreen, one from Bait Naieh and one from kafr Batna.


Madyara: The town have been without power for four days in a row and humanitarian condition is deteriorating.



Three victims were killed during indiscriminate shelling attacks on Asalhieh area.  Victims were buried in the afternoon.


Kafer Batna: Hassan Al’erbeeni was killed during assault attacks launched by Al-Assad’s military forces on Jeser Alghaita.  Also, Mohammad Massadeh, also known as Abo Maher,was killed by Al-Assad’s militias in Jaramana.


Qatana: The body of  Adnan Mustaph Aowad was found by residents on the street. The body shows torture marks and the funeral processing will be held tomorrow, God willing.


Saqba: Funeral processing for the defected soldier Talhat Hesham took place today in Aqraba.  He was one of the first soldiers who defected in the area.


Azzabadani: Regime forces continue to launch shelling attacks on residential areas.  Many residents were wounded as a result, several are in serious condition.


Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham: Military forces of the Forth Division had indiscriminately shelled attacks on residential areas and clouds of smoke filled the sky as a result.


Kanaker:  Regime forces launched fierce inspection and detention raids on residential areas in Alqsaree area in search for defected soldiers.


Evening  News:


Qatana: Regime forces reinforced with tanks targeted residential areas while heavy gunfire was heard across the city.


Douma: Mohammad Ali Yassen died of his wounded after he underwent a lengthy surgical procedure that lasted for five hours.


Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta and Ahameh.

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