Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report

 Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs / Daily Report

Monday, September 3, 2012


-Twenty four residents were killed this Monday: Hamoria 5, Harasta 5, Hazzeh 3, Erbeen 2, Zamlka 5, Bait Sawa 1, Dumair 1, Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham 1, Al’taibeh 1


-Alghoutah Asharquieh: Residents continue to recover victims killed in massacres during the military campaign on the area (August 27-31, 2012) in which Al-Assad forces executed more than three hundred residents and refugees, looted and burned properties. The number of casualties by area so far: Zamlka 80. Kafr Batna 36, Hazzeh 43, Erbeen 50, Hamoria 5 and dozens of victims in Ain Tarma.


-Hamoria: Five victims were killed and buried today.


-Azzabadani: More than ten civilians were critically wounded during fierce shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad forces stationed at Alhosh checkpoint, south of Azzabadani. Azzabadani has been shelled continuously for fifty eight days.


Harasta: Five victims were killed with shrapnel during shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad forces on residences near Ghaboor mosque.


Almlaiha: Regime forces launched fierce heavy artillery shelling attacks and several explosions were heard in the city.


Artooz: Fierce shelling attacks on Alzaheera neighborhood and heavy gunfire were reported.


Douma: Regime forces launched mortar shells on Albaitwaneh Algharbieh neighborhood and opened fire to terrorize civilians.


Qatana: Regime forces launch assault attacks on residences near Althawra School, detained many residents, including the elderly and children, and maintained a heavy presence on Al’omaree Square.


Kanaker: Regime forces raided several farms surrounding Kanaker and detained the owners.


Evening Headlines:

Almleha: Al-Assad forces stationed at the Air Defense Administration launched fierce shelling attacks on all roads of the town.


Yelda: Regime forces launched shells on residential area located near Al-Imam Ashafe’ei mosque and Yelda and Alhujaira farms.


Yelda: Tanks and artillery shelling attacks were reported.


Demonstrations mobilized in Harasta and Alkessweh.

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