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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Fifty six residents were killed in Damascus Suburbs: Kafr Batna 13, Dareyyah 7, Erbeen 7, Sbaineh 5, Attal 4, Yelda 4, Hazzeh 3, Douma 2, Mu’adhameyyatu

-Sham2, Almleha 2, and one resident in each of the following cities and towns; Hetaiteh, Aterkman, Harasta, Quara, Dumair, Hezerma, Hafeer Alfoqa and Zamlka.


1606 victims were verified during the month of August. August 2012 had the highest number of casualties in Damascus Rural since the beginning of the Syrian revolution; most of the victims were killed in massacres in Dareyyah and Mu’adhamyyat-Asham.


This Saturday was marked with the discovery of several massacres in Dareyyah, Mu’adhameyyat-Asham, Kafr Batna, Attal and yelda.


Kafr Batna: Eleven residents were killed including children and physicians. Regime forces raided Alfateh Hospital, executed staff and patients, destroyed equipment and set the hospital’s building on fire. At the end of the operation, residents found four victims inside the hospital building and one outside.


Sbaineh: five residents were killed and ten were wounded critically, two mortar shells fell down on Sbaineh. A home was destroyed and a shop was burned.


Alghouta Alsharqieh Highway, Damascus -Aneshabieh Highway, was closed completely starting Jesser Alkabass.


Jessreen: Regime forces launched inspection campaign and destroyed fames and agricultural lands. Residents fear new massacres.


Yelda: Two unidentified victims were found near Yelda Aljadeedeh cemetery. Victims were tortured to death.


Dareyyah: Seven unidentified victims were recovered.


-Hazzeh: Al-Assad’s militias raided the city and launched assault attacks on homes located near the Big Mosque. Military forces launched mortar shelling attacks on Hazzeh and surrounding towns.


Mu’adhamyyat-Asham: Two unidentified victims were recovered. Victims were extra judicially executed, and left on the outskirts of the city. Victims did not have any identification cards.


Attal: A new massacre was discovered; four victims were handcuffed and shot approximately ten days ago. Also, two unidentified victims were extra judicially executed in a taxi between Hazzeh and Saqba.


Madyara: Ten years old victim Sou’ad Alhomsi, resident of Almleha, was killed by sniper as her family was leaving Madyra.


Saqba: Regime forces launched fierce assault raid on homes, residential buildings and small businesses, screened neighborhoods, looted homes and businesses and assaulted residents.


-Douma: Aerial bombardment and mortar shelling attacks were launched by regime forces on Assendianeh neighborhood and the farms located between Douma and Madyara.


Assaideh Zainab: Regime forces resumed the mortar shelling attacks. Military helicopters hovered over Assaideh Zainab, Alhujaira Albalad and Alziabieh.


Otaya: Five residents were wounded during aerial bombardment on Otaya.


Aneshabieh: Regime forces launched artillery shelling attacks on Tal-Ref’at and Aneshabieh’s farms.


Almleha: Regime forces stationed at the Aerial Defense Administration launched shelling attacks on Almleha and surrounding towns.


Harasta: Regime forces launched detention raid in Alqou’a neighborhood arresting several residents.


Several demonstrations mobilized in Harasta nd Qara.


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