Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb | Daily Report


Friday, August 31, 2012


-Thirty five victims were reported in Damascus Rural.  Sixteen civilians who were killed at a previous day were recovered today in Hazzeh.


Victims are distributed as follow: Hazzeh 11, Ain Tarma 4, Hamoria 3 ( including 2 children), Douma 3 (including one child), Bait Sawa 3 (killed in Misraba), Yelda 2, Harasta 2 (including one defected soldier) and one victim from each of the folowing: Kafr Batna, Bait Nayem, Al’abadeh, Almlaiha, Alqutaifa, Saqba and Attal.


-Alghoutah Alsharquieh:

Regime forces continued the shelling attacks for five days in a row killing and injuring hundreds of civilians and destroying infrastructures.  Resident fled their homes, mainly in Zamlka, Erbeen, kafr Batna, Saqba, Ain Tarma , Hazzeh and Jesreen. Residents fear mass massacres and cities lack water, power and all forms of communication.


Air forces targeted families fleeing their homes in search for safe refugee.


-Ain Tarma:

Several victims are still on the streets and mass destruction was reported.  Al-Assad’s militias detained residents indiscriminately, destroyed, looted and set homes on fire.



Eleven victims and dozens of wounded civilians were reported.  Families fled their homes in fear of massacre.  Homes and properties were destroyed, power and telephone cables are disconnected and city is  d4eclared a disaster area.



regime forces attacked the city from different directions, opened fire indiscriminately injuring citizens and killing Amjad Sadden as he was attempting to flee the city.  Several civilians were also detained.



Regime forces shelled and attacked the city.  Erbeen is declared a disaster area and residents fear new massacres.



Regime’s forces launched mortar shelling destroying and setting homes on fire.



Regime forces launched heavy artillery and mortar shelling attacks terrorizing civilians in Hamzeh Mosque area  Three civilians were killed and several were injured in Bait Sawa.



Three resident,  including two children, were killed during shelling attacks.

Kafr Batana:

Regime forces aunched assault raid o Alkarm neighborhood, looted and set businesses on fire.    Bread factories have been closed for three days in a row.


Regime forces resumed the shelling attacks injuring four residents form the same family.


Regime forces launched tanks’ shelling attacks on Yelda farms killing two children and injuring their father.


Shelling attacks were also reported in Assaideh Zainab, Hujairah Albalad, Azzabadani, Dumair, Mu’adamiyet Asham, Almleha, Bzaineh and Deir Al’assafeer.


Evening developments:


Bait Nayem:

An elderly woman was killed during shelling attacks.

Hosh Alssalhieh:

Regime’s air forces opened fire on a residential building and destroyed it completely.


Aerial bombardment was reported in Alabadeh.


Fierce shelling attacks were reported in Madyara.


Military helicopters hovered and indiscriminate shelled Alblalieh.


Snipers and regime’s forces stationed on checkpoints opened heavy gunfire and terrorized civilians.


Demonstrations: 4 in Douma, 5 in harasta and one in  each of the following cities and towns: Yabrood, Qara, Babila, Dumair, Yelda, Qudsaia and Bait Sahem.



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