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Thursday, August 30, 2012


32 victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs. Ten victims in Douma. Three in Kafar Batna. Four in Ain Tarma. Three In Hamorya. Tow in each of  Jarajer, Rankousm and Babilah. A victim in each of Erbeenm Zamalka, Yabroud, Harasta, Esal Alwared and Qatana.

Al-Gouta Asharqia:  For the fourth day, Al-Assad forces have fiercely shelled the towns and cities particularly Zamalka, Erbeen, Kafar Batna, Saqba, Ain Tarma, Hazzah, and Jesreen killing and wounding some civilians. As a result, a large number of citizens displaced their homes.

Zamalka:  For the fourth day, Al-Assad forces have fiercely shelled residential homes destroying a large number of which; There have been an exodus, killing 80 victims and wounding more than 300 some of them were in critical conditions. Further,  the humanitarian condition is deteriorating in the citiy. In addition to lack in medical staff, medicines and food .

Erbeen is announced an afflicted city. The only hospital stopped working and the main bakery was targeted by shelling in the midst of a mass displacement. Mass destruction of buildings has been reported. The city suffers lack of water and power, and all means of communications have been disconnected for the fifth day in a row.

Kafar Batna: Three patients in the intensive care in Alfateh Hospital were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad forces. Further, residents are afraid of mass killings may commit by Al-Assad forces in the city.

Ain Tarma: A new massacre perpetrated by Al-Assad forces in the city as residents found  four civilians from Arrefa’e family were tortured to death after Al-Assad forces raided some homes.

Saqba: A large number of residents displaced their homes in addition of thousands  were still trapped in the city, which has a population of more than 70 thousand people.

Athyabiah and Asaidah Zainab: Fiercer shelling with mortar on residential buildings destroying some homes and wounding some civilians.

Douma: Al-Assad forces have shelled residential areas with mortar. Snipers stationed at high roofs shooting  any moving object.  Further, eight unidentified  victims were found extra judicially executed in a room in Douma National Hospital.

Deir Al’Asafeer: Helicopters shelled the city with rockets and machine gunfire.

Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces have shelled residential homes with mortar amid intense gunfire.

Al-Abbadeh: Warplanes opened intense gunfire on the farms.

Harasta: A mortar shell fell behind the church in Ashaik Mousa street.

A mass demonstration mobilized in Harasta condemning Al-Assad forces’ crimes.


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