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Sunday, August26, 2012

98 victims were killed in Rural Damascus including  82 victims in Daryyah, four victims inboth rankous and Mu’adamyat Asham. Two victims in Zakiah, one victim each in of Muliha, Douma, Hosh Arab, Qara, Kafar Batnaa and Zamalka.

Daryyah: More than 70 victims were killed today in new atrocious massacres committed by Al-Assad forces  including  the entire family of Al-Sakkah.

Rankous: Al-Assad forces shelled residential areas with tanks and warplanes killing four civilians, wounding others, and demolishing some homes amid intense gunfire.

Mu’adamyat Asham: Al-Assad forces have shelled the city. Further, four civilians were killed and more than 7000 were trapped.

Hatitat Aljarsh: Residents held a  funeral for  Eman Arrajeh  and her two children who were killed  by Al-Assad forces in Daryyah.

Zamalka: Al-Assad forces shelled residential areas fiercely with artillery killing one civilian and wounding four.

Kafer Batnaa: Al-Assad forces shelled residential areas with artillery killing Abdul Hadi Maddah.

Douma: Haytham Mohammad Khalbous was extra judicially executed by Al-Assad forces in his car. Further, two shells fell near Azzain Mosque. Snipers stationed on high roofs opened intense  gunfire.

Alghouta Asharqia: Warplanes  bombarded  Zamalka, Ain Tarma, Kafar Batna, Hamourya, Saqba, Misraba, Madyara, Tal Ferzat, Alabadah, Harasta Farms, Alqantara, Deir Alasafeer, and bzainah. Further, mortar shells fell on residential areas and a large number of residents displaced their homes.

Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces shelled  residential areas wounding scores including 5-year-old girl lost one of her parties and targeting a mosque.

Madaya: Fierce shelling with tanks and mortar targeting residential homes, as a results, a home was burnt.

Qatana: A huge explosion rocked the city and intense gunfire was heard from the checkpoints of Talet Ain asoultan and Alttwafiq. Further, Al-Assad forces raided homes in the city.

Warplanes opened intense machines gunfire on Jesreen, Ain Tarma, Kafar Batnaa, Almulaiha, west Farms of Annshbia, and Bait Naim.

Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces shelled an evening demonstration with mortar damaging some residential buildings and wounding some civilians.

Zamalka: Fiercer shelling on risidantial areas, as a results,  a state of panic prevailed among civilians.

Demonstrations mobilized in Qudsia, Harasta, Yabroud, Erbeen and Yalda to support Daryyah and other besieged cities.

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