Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Rural | Daily Report

 Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Rural | Daily Report


Sunday, September 2, 2012


-Fifty eight victims were killed in Damascus Rural this Sunday:

Hazzeh 27, Erbeen 15, Kafr Batna 4, Saqba 4, Douma 3, Dumair 1, Harasta 1, Ashaghoor (victim reside in Almleha) 1, Misraba 1 and Daareyah 1


-Hazzeh: Twenty seven civilians were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad’s forces, most of them were elderly.  Regime forces broke into private properties, looted homes and set some on fire after killing all residents who refused to evacuate their homes before the raid and chose to stay in shelters.


-Erbeen: Fifteen civilians were extra judicially executed in the area located between the grocery market and Abi Baker Mosque.


-Kafr Batna: Five civilians were extra judicially executed.  Residents were able to identify all except the mutilated victim.


-Saqba: Four residents were killed, one of them was mutilated.   Al-Assad militias have been looting and setting homes and businesses on fire, including Ashalati bookstore, for three days in a row.


-Douma: Snipers opened fire on residents, killing three, while regime forces launched rockets on residential areas. Several explosions rocked the city.


-Assaideh Zainab: Al-Assad’s militias kidnapped two women near Mafraq Alhjaira Square.  The same militias kidnapped several women previously and residents hold Al-Assad’s militias directly responsible for the safety of the kidnapped women.


-Alghouta Alsharqieh (Thbaharieh, Aljarba, Maida’a, Tal Farzat, Hosh Addwair and Otaya): Regime forces opened heavy and indiscriminate gunfire while air force in helicopters launched rockets and heavy-machine gunfire, wounding residents.


-Deir Al’assafeer: Using helicopters, Al-Assad air forces launched fierce rocket and heavy-machine gunfire on farms and residential areas.


-Almleha: Military helicopters hovered over the area and shelled farms and neighboring towns.


-Hosh Al’arab and Rankooss: Aerial bombardment and tank shelling were launched by Al-Assad’s forces on Rankooss’ farms and Hosh Al’arab.


-Harasta:  A shell fell near Ghaboor mosque, wounding several residents.


-Yabrood: Many civilians were wounded during artillery shelling attacks launched by Al-Assad forces and several building were destroyed in MiG fighter jets’ bombardment on residential areas.


-Azzabadani: Al-Assad forces stationed at Alkornaish and Alhosh checkpoints launched heavy gunfire and shells on residential areas.


-Attal: Al-Assad forces launched indiscriminate shelling attacks in Harnet Algharbieh.


Security forces maintain a heavy presence in both directions of Alghouta Highway until Jesser Alkabass, with a checkpoint every 700 meters.  Security forces screen all passing vehicles and verify all passengers’ identification cards

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