Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Sunday, August 12, 2012




Seventy citizens were killed, including women and children, and hundreds of citizens were wounded during aerial bombardment and artillery shelling attacked launched by regime forces.  However, the number of victims is still on the rise.  A military helicopter opened fire on a family of 11 members in Attal, killing ten persons right away while a nine years old boy survived the incident.


Regime‘s forces launched brutal assault and detention raids on neighborhoods and detained dozens of residents.  Al-Assad’s militias opened indiscriminate fire on peaceful civilians, looted properties and set homes and agricultural crops on fire.  The regime’s military laid siege to Attal and Alkessweh, flew helicopters overhead and launched shelling attacks on residential areas, killing civilians and destroying homes.  The shelling attacks triggered massive explosions and spread fear among residents.


Highlighted Videos: ( for 18+ viewers only.  Warning – Contains Graphic Images.)


Victim in Almleha:


Victim in Deir Al’asafeer:


Victim in Erbeen:


Victim in Hamoria:


Victim in Harasta:


Aerial bombardment on Erbeen:


Destruction in Alhjaira:


Destruction in Almleha:


Destruction in Deir Al’asafeer:


Destruction in Hamoria:


The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version.  The information contained in this translation is taken from the Arabic version, and the translation is summarized in order to avoid repeated phrases and an overabundance of details in terms of the neighborhood and street names.


The End of the Summary

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