Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Thirty victims were killed in Damascus Suburbs on Tuesday, including a fourteen years old child.  Victims were killed by snipers, extra judicial execution and indiscriminate shelling on residential areas.  In a new development, Al-Assad’s militias killed Al-muezzin in Al-Mleha, abducted his body and set the mosque on fire.  Furthermore, dozens of civilians, including women and children, were wounded during the shelling attacks on homes; several are in serious condition.

Security forces detained civilians including a fifteen years old child, launched assault raid on residential areas, destroyed and set homes on fire.  Regime forces at security checkpoints opened heavy fire on civilians and indiscriminately shelled residential areas with mortars, artillery and tanks.  Military helicopters hovered over cities and bombarded homes with rockets.

Highlighted Videos: ( for 18+ viewers only. Warning – Contains Graphic Images.)

Victim in Douma:

Masscare in Jessreen:

Shelling on Ezzabadani, August 6, 2012

Destruction in Dumair:

Destruction in Hujairet Al-Balad:

Destruction in Annabek:

Military helicopter hovering over Douma:

The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The information contained in this translation is taken from the Arabic version, and the translation is summarized in order to avoid repeated phrases and an overabundance of details in terms of the neighborhood and street names.

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