The major events in the capital, Damascus, on Monday 11 Ramadan 1433 – 07/30/2012

The major events in the capital, Damascus, on Monday 11 Ramadan 1433 – 07/30/2012
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The regime forces launched a large raid campaign in the neighborhood of Kafrsousah started in the early morning, associated with complete closure of the entrances and exits in and out of Kafrsousah, and arrested a large number of young people

In the neighborhood of Rukn al-Din al-Assad forces also launched raids campaign in a number of buildings in the Shamdin Square, accompanied by damaging and destruction of people properties.

A demonstration has taken place this afternoon in the neighborhood of Alqanawat, in the vicinity of Damascus Police command, called for falling of the regime, another demonstration also took place in the neighborhood of Rukn al-Din

After Taraweeh prayers, demonstrations took place in the neighborhoods of the Qabr Atkah – and the Aljoser AlAbiad

Some videos of the day
Heavy fire in the capital Damascus / AlTejarah district on the morning of Monday, 30/7/2012 approximately at 02:30 at night
Armored vehicle in the center of Damascus at the police headquarters in the Street, Khalid Bin Al Waleed.
AlJoser Alabiad |
Evening demonstration in front of the mosque, Aldlamih, just few feet away from a branch of Homeland Security (Branch Hafez Makhlouf).
Qabr Atkah |
Demonstration took place after dawn prayers from a mosque AlZahabia in the neighborhood
Shaghour |
The funeral of the martyr Firas AlQadi, turned into huge demonstration calling for falling of the regime
Neighborhood AlQanawat |
Demonstration took place in the afternoon, in the neighborhood of AlQanawat near the Damascus Police Command called for the overthrow of the military and applaud the free Syrian Army
Rokn Aldin |
Demonstration of the free people in Rokn Aldin and Alsalyhia, in the Monday of revenge for the wounded Muadamya Alsam
Photos from the demonstration
Kassioun |
the checkpoint in Kassioun
Qaboun |
The aftermath of demolition in the neighborhood of Qaboun and the burning of the mosque Alfateh
Fateh mosque in the neighborhood of Qaboun after being burned and vandalized
Some of the impact of the destruction caused by the regime militia couple of days ago
Presence of tanks in the neighborhood of al-Assad foot Dhadel
Neighborhood AlTadamon |
The martyr Younis Mahmoud Khalaf who was shot by security
Al Maisat square |
A double cut in the same time of two streets in the Al Maisat Square
Alhajar Alaswad |
The impacts of bombing the city
The bodies of two people is not recognized they were executed

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