Latest events in Damascus for today – Tuesday , 31/7/2012

Latest events in Damascus for today – Tuesday , 31/7/2012

A Free Syrian Army brigade attacked the barrier near Palestine hospital, causing losses to the regime’s militias’ equipment stationed there. During the time these clashes were occurring, tank shelling was heard from Qasyoun mountain, targeting the southern areas of Damascus.

In the early morning, the regime’s militias destroyed houses and shops in Al Qaboun district near Al Husain mosque. They also randomly stormed houses in Al Yarmouk camp and began arbitrarily arresting civilians.

In Jobar, the regime’s militias randomly mortar bombarded the city, leading to the injury of several civilians.

In the afternoon, a protest was held in Khaled Bin Waleed street in the center of Damascus. Civilians chanted against the regime and for Freedom. More protest came out after Taraweeh (nighttime prayers) in the districts of Kufr Souseh, Qubr Ayakeh, Al Shaghour, Al Zahrah, and Barzeh.


Some of today’s videos:

* Damascus:

The sounds of clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army and militias:

Sounds of the tank shelling being heard in most of the areas of Damascus:

* Khaled Bin Waleed street:

A protest in the afternoon:

* Mashrou’ Dummar:

Tanks passing by the area:

* Qubr Atakeh district:

A protest after Al Fajr (morning) prayers from Al Thahabeyeh mosque:

Part of the Live streaming of the protest that was held after Al Taraweeh (nighttime) prayers:

* Barzeh district:

A nighttime protest after Taraweeh (nighttime) prayers:

* Jobar:

Helicopters bombarding the district:

Civilians wounded by the mortar bombardment:

Before Maghreb (evening) prayers by 10 minutes, regime’s Shabiha (thugs) randomly bombarded the district and targeted residential buildings:

An imaginary barrier in the beginning of Al Teebeh road:

Destruction caused by the shelling that targeted residential areas:

The raid campaign and civilians being teased by the regime’s militias:

* Al Hajar Al Aswad:

Tanks invading the district:

* Al Qadam district:

Tanks stationed in the district on Damascus-Daraa road:

* Kufr Souseh:

A nighttime protest between the mosques of Al Hadi and Belal:

* Al Tadamun district:

Qasem Muhammad Al Na’san, a Free Syrian Army soldier killed while defending his people:

* Al Qaboon district:

Helicopters hovering at a low altitude over the district:

A building destroyed behind Al Husain mosque:

* Rukn Al Deen:

Anwar Sheekhani got martyred, killed by the regime’s security forces in Zamalakah city in Damascus’s suburbs:

* Yousef Al Atmeh square:

Shabiha (thugs) spread in Yousef Al Athmeh square and the street leading to Al Sham hotel in the center od Damascus:

* Al Shaghour:

A protest roaming in the districts after nighttime protests:

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