Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report


Sunday, July 29, 2012




The killing of fifty seven victims has been confirmed across the suburban area on Sunday including 4 children and 9 women.  Victims were killed by brutal indiscriminate shelling on residential areas, snipers and extra judicial execution.  In addition, hundreds of civilians were wounded, including families; several are in critical condition.


Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham was declared today a devastated area after living its bloodiest twenty four hours since the beginning of the uprising around one and half year ago.  Al-Assad militias committed the most heinous massacres against the residents, killing more than eighty victims.  Eleven victims, mostly women, were decapitated and thirty victims were extra judicially executed; thirteen of whom were also burned out after the execution.  Furthermore, Al-Assad’s militias shelled at close range a shuttle, killing all passengers who were trying to escape the continual massacres in the city.   Hundreds of civilians were also wounded due to barbaric and indiscriminate shelling on the residential areas.  More than two hundreds residents were detained and transported to unknown destination, including two families who live in the outskirts of the city.  Moreover, the military forces demolished about thirty five percent of the residences and launched an organized and systematic looting raids at different quarters in attempt to punish the protesting residents.  Thousands of families evacuated the city; however, there is growing concern about the fate of the detainees and the besieged families.


Several victims, including families, were also extra judicially executed and mutilated by pro-Assad militias in Alboida and Yelda.


Highlighted Videos: ( for 18+ viewers only. Warning – Contains Graphic Images.)


Victims in Erbeen, killed July 28, 2012


Victims in Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:


Victim in Yelda:


Wounded Civilians during Shelling on Yelda:


Shelling on Douma:


Military presence in Alboida:

Military presence in Dumair:


Military presence in Qatana:


Destruction in Alboida:


Destruction in Douma:


Destruction in Dumair:


Destruction in Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham:


Destruction in Yelda:


The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The information contained in this translation is taken from the Arabic version, and the translation is summarized in order to avoid repeated phrases and an overabundance of details in terms of the neighborhood and street names.


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