The latest events in Damascus for Thursday – 26/7/2012

The latest events in Damascus for Thursday – 26/7/2012

Since the early morning, the regime’s militias randomly raided houses and the areas of Al Yarmouk camp and Al Hajar Al Aswad district. A huge number of the regime’s security forces’ buses and their armoured tanks headed to these areas; then, the indiscriminate bombardment began to target houses directly.

Regime’s militias have also bombarded the surrounding of Muhammad Fares Gheda school in Al Tqaddum district, which holds a huge number of displaced families. The bombardment has also led to the ignition of a huge fire in the building located in front of the school. A huge number of civilian cars and commercial shops got burnt as well.

The regime’s militias, and after invading several areas, have robbed and vandalized several houses. They also raided houses randomly and arrested civilians arbitrarily.

In Al Qadam district, the regime’s security and Shabiha (thugs) forces have robbed houses then burnt them on the main road.

Protests were held in several areas after Al Taraweeh (nighttime) prayers, including Qubr Atakeh, Al Shaghour, Mashrou’ Dummar, Palestine camp, and Joubar districts.


Some videos of the aforementioned areas:

* Damascus:

At 5:30 a.m.: tanks transporters on the road linking between Al Jondi Al Majhool area and Mashrou’ Dummar:

New militarty reinforcements in Mashrou’ Dummar, heading to Damascus:

A fraction of the continuous clashes that took place in Al Jondi Al Majhool area under Qasyoun mountain:–_aRz8&

* Al Yarmouk camp:

Destruction in Al Oroubeh area caused by the helicopter shelling – 26/7/2012

Regime’s security forces Shabiha in front of Palestine hospital:

A civilian wounded in the hospital before being martyred in Al Orobeh area:

Photo of one of the buildings harmed by the shelling:

The flyers that were spread over Al Yarmouk camp and its surrounding:

* Al Hajar Al Aswad:

Clashes that took place today between the Free Syrian army and the regime’s army:

Destruction in the district:

* Al Asali district:

Burial of the martyrs this morning:

Destruction in caused by the shelling targeting the district:

* Al Qaboun district:

The burial of the martyrs in Al Qaboun district (after the regime’s militias came out from the district):

* Dumar:

A protest held after the regime’s militias arrested a woman:

Gunfire targeting civilian houses:

A protest in Al Adel mosque after the Taraweeh (nighttime) prayers:

* Bab Srejeh:

A protest held in the center of Bab Srejeh Souk, defying and demeaning the presence of the police command center in the area. They chanted for the disaster-stricken areas and for the detainees:
(banners and photos from the protest)

* Al Qanawat:

A special protest held in the area as civilians chanted in the English language:

* Al Meedan district:

One of the shells that penetrated one of the buildings:

* Palestine camp:

A protest in Palestine camp after Taraweeh (nighttime) prayers:

* Qubr Atakeh:

Protest after nighttime prayers:
(banners and photos from the protest)


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